How to cope up during Quarantine?


From the past two months, the Corona had its presence only in China later spreading to the whole world. The aftermath of the spread of deadliest Virus Many Nations cautioned their respective Citizens to take certain Precautions. The Precautionary measures also include Social distancing.

Many Nations are locking their Territory boundaries and minimising their mobility. India like any other Nation forseeing the potential thraeat Locked down the whole country which came into effect from 25th March. World Health Organisation and Global health experts are stressing mostly on social distacing, which is capable of stopping this lethal chinese virus.

Indians are Currently staying indoors and supporting the Government in fighting against the Contagious virus.

So here there are 5 things that Indians can do to ease their Home stay


It is a tough time for Fitness enthusiasts as gymnasiums are shut down. Trying small work outs, exercise and Meditation can help you in easing the burden. Maintaining healthy diet with Sufficient Vital amines can boost the Immune power. Walking in balconies,dancing and other physical activity will normalise your day.


All the people work their ass off to earn bread and butter for their Family. In hurry they might not able to give some quality time with their families. So they can use this time to better understand their life partners, play with kids(this will certainly boost your dopamine levels) and serve their parents like Shravan does,because this opportunity you get it only once in your life.


While in the Journey of life you all have exhausted. To get back to normalcy add the time wisely to make yourself strong and explore youself. Get back to your childhood memories and stuff, try those things that you arent doing these days because of your hectic busy schedule


Social media is the great medium that brings entertainment to you. Do watch some great videos, Read books and if possible try your hand in cooking.


India is often considered as hub of spiritualism.It has two components Spirit and rituals. Read whatever spiritual text you like be it Mahabharatam,Ramayana,Geeta,Vachanas,Quran and Bible. But make sure it brings eternal peace to your soul. Pray the almighty to get strength in order to fight this Corona virus.

If you start working on these 5 things the 3 week period looks like a boon for you rather looking bane. Stay Home to Stay Alive.

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