How to Break the Code Between Marketing and Branding

How to Break the Code Between Marketing and Branding

I was browsing through Twitter last week, and I ended up meeting a very interesting personality. Imagine an entrepreneur, who has not only developed numerous initiatives, but contributed to brand building of the most followed industries across the world. Not everyday you get a chance to approach and talk to the CEO and Founder of 360WiseMedia, Robert W. Alexander III.

I was able to get hold of Mr. Robert for a personal interview.

Here is how the interview went.

Robert , his wife / business partner Tasha Alexander and MCHammer
  • Q1) What inspired you to start 360WiseMedia?
  • Answer) I couldn’t possibly sit back and wait on other companies to begin an unbiased campaign of positive thought provoking informative content creation with me in mind. I had to create a viable lane of my owe for my family and those individuals that share the same positive energy.
  • Q2) How do you see yourself ten years down the lane?
  • Answer) I have every intention to be a household name known as a positive thought leader cemented as a change maker globally, not just in the USA.
  • Q3) What is your take on the current political scenario in the United States?
  • Answer) It’s the must fascinating reality tv show ever aired on live television. Well scripted from beginning to end.
  • Q4) You’ve been an excellent brand expert, what is your secret for success?
  • Answer) Thank You for the kind gestures. I credit a multitude of actions with the creator of the universe as the first and the last of everything I commit myself to accomplishing and everything in between consist of heavy research, selective content consumption, lots of mental processing on what’s next, friendship and partnerships with a very selective diversified group of like minded individuals and staying ahead of the curve.
  • Q5) What are your views on the growing role of technology in sales and marketing?
  • Answer) My views and slogan has always been “Exit the Flintstones & Enter the Jetsons” … sales is everything. If you don’t pitch, you won’t eat lol . Marketing and sales work hand in hand with me. Your either being pitched and sold or vice-versa. I will continue to advocate to the masses that “You’re job is next” if you don’t adapt and plugin to this digital revolution, you would be doing a disservice for future generations or even your offspring for that matter.
  • Q6) When not working, what is the next passionate thing you enjoy the most?
  • Answer) I truly enjoy the blessings of my 8 children and beautiful wife. I love sipping different teas, working out at the gym and indulging in positive podcast along with reading all types of books based on spirituality, history and laws of attraction.
  • Q7) What do you wish to convey to our readers?
  • Results come easy when you respect “All Colors, All Cultures, All Creeds” …. The Oneness of the creator starts with the first words of the beginning of every Holy Book….. I AM. Please believe in yourself and the process, because you alone are a creator which started from a thought.

I wish Robert all the best for all his future endeavours. I am happy Robert was able to take time out of his busy schedule and sit with us for this interview.

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