How Fashion Nova Skips “It Clothes” in Favor of Being an It Brand


When it comes to popular fashion brands, Fashion Nova stands toe-to-toe with some of the longest-standing, world-renowned names in the industry. Not only did the company quickly rise to success, but it has created a brand awareness that has had rippling effects. While they only emerged in the eCommerce world in 2013, Fashion Nova has created a sense of customer loyalty that’s rarely seen with new businesses today. 

What’s the secret to their astronomical success? Despite being an apparel, accessories, and beauty company, Fashion Nova’s primary focus isn’t creating the best clothes on the market. Instead, they’ve skipped producing “it” clothes in favor of building an “it” brand that influencers and customers can rely on. 

Perfecting the Brand That Is Fashion Nova

At the heart of the fastest-growing women’s apparel customer lies one thing-the customer. Fashion Nova CEO Richard Saghian has launched the brand to success by keeping his focus on the customers. Learning the value of customers by watching his father run his own women’s retail stores, Saghian started his career with a mission to give that same value back to consumers.

Fashion Nova wholeheartedly encompasses what it means to build a brand. Instead of focusing on increasing profit margins and driving sales, the company has worked hard to create a customer-focused brand that’s functional. They take advantage of every opportunity to increase customer loyalty, and they do that in several ways. 

Most fashion brands put all their time, money, and effort into creating the perfect product. Once they perfect that product, they put even more time, money, and energy into marketing and sales. They exhaust all their resources to get ahead of the trends and pinch every penny out of each product they create and sell. While other brands are following this tedious process, Fashion Nova has used its resources to perfect their brand. The decision to opt for a focus that turns away from the norm has paid off big time. 

So, what has allowed Fashion Nova to break barriers, find success in being different, and create a sense of customer loyalty that’s so solid? We can name a few things: 

  1. They Know Who They Are

The best way to create a successful brand is to decide how you want customers to feel and do everything you can to make it happen. Fashion Nova is a global fashion brand committed to quality products, affordable apparel, fast turnarounds, and customer satisfaction. They want their clothing to make customers feel as good as they look, and that’s exactly what they’ve done. Not only do they create a wide variety of options, but they also release hundreds of new products every week. By sharing 30 customer photos a week to their massive social media audience, they don’t just show customers how much they value them as individuals. 

2. They’ve Created a Legacy

Fashion Nova is a brand that encourages customers to be their own fashion icon. They’ve decided what they want to be known for, and they take actionable steps to make that happen. They’ve opened doors for thousands of influencers, giving nano-influencers the chance to shine in front of millions of followers. Fashion Nova doesn’t just provide its customers with a product that makes them feel great about their own style. They encourage consumers to show off their unique sense of fashion, giving them a platform to do so. 

3. They Embrace Their Audience

From knowing what your customer likes to listening to what they need, creating a successful brand starts by getting to know your audience. That’s what Fashion Nova has done over the years. While their products have attracted women with body measurements that don’t fit in standard sizing, they’ve worked hard to create options for everyone. Their expansion into plus-sized and men’s apparel goes to show that the brand is serious about broadening their reach. 

Fashion Nova also harnesses the power of online influence and network marketing. They encourage everyone to become a #NovaStar, not just high-profile celebrities and mega-influencers with millions of followers. Alongside Fashion Nova, anyone can become an influencer. With a 10% growth rate in their social media following each month, that’s a massive statement for the nano-influencers. It tells their customers that they appreciate each and every one of them and sends a resounding message that Fashion Nova is a consumer-focused brand. 

4. They’ve Grown Their Online Presence

What started as a brick and mortar in Panorama City, California, in 2006 has grown to an online store with an international following. Fashion Nova capitalized on the power of social media before other brands were ready and willing to take that plunge. While they still have 5 stores in malls across Southern California, it’s their online presence that has brought them overwhelming success. They’ve used everyone from professional models and A-list celebrities to local influencers and everyday people with under 1,000 followers to promote and sell their products. With the rise of their brand, they continued to engage with followers, creating an online following that’s the most solid you’ll ever find. 

The It Brand That’s Impossible to Beat

From the start, Fashion Nova let their customers take the lead. It’s their call for collaborations, from every and any influencer, that has created a tribe that’s passionate about moving the brand forward. From micro to mega, Saghian has made it clear that influencers are the heart of Fashion Nova’s successful marketing plan. By opening the door to all influencers, regardless of their social reach, Fashion Nova has created a movement that’s reached tens of millions of people

What started as a dream to bring customers a clothing line that made them feel like a million bucks without breaking the bank, has become a successful brand that’s stolen the hearts of women across the world. If you think 17.3 million followers is impressive, wait until you see where this brand is headed. With the launch of Fashion Nova Curve and Fashion Nova Men, the brand has only scratched the surface of its future potential. While others were focused on created the hottest new clothes on the market, Fashion Nova was building a brand that’s impossible to beat. Ask any of today’s influencers who leads the fashion industry today, they’re sure to tell you that Fashion Nova is “IT!”

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