Hire Hostingraja as your WordPress hosting provider

If the speed of the website is what you are looking for them Hostingraja assists you in hosting your WordPress website. We are the best-managed WordPress host that not only cares for your online business but also the output of your website!

We have the best experts on the market to give you SEO tips, online business strategies, design and development recommendations because our goal is your online success!

Why WordPress

WordPress is today’s most popular website building software. It is easy to use and has many standard features and additional features, making it the favorite program of any type of online project.

WordPress today is the largest and most advanced online community which has created thousands of plugins for expanded functionality and the same number of topics. If you need a unique website that you can create and maintain easily, WordPress is your application.

Why hire Hostingraja?

Our teamwork with hundreds of WordPress users and help them from the beginning. This gave us extensive knowledge of how WordPress works and what we can do to enhance it. With our custom server environment, we have built a powerful platform for optimized WordPress actions to meet all application requirements and develop in-house speed accelerators and security implementation. You may rely on experts who are trained and accessible at any time in the depths of WordPress and common WordPress extensions.

Our key points

  • Our hosting platform is designed for WordPress so that your site is super stable and super-fast. Https Included, Secure and encrypt SSL data for yourself and your customers.  It also helps to boost the Google score.
  • Boost load times, manage more traffic and improve safety with our content delivery network. CDN Included, 99.95% Uptime SLA Our 99.95% uptime guarantee protects the pages and applications.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a full stage area to test new designs and code changes before going live.
  • We search, secure and monitor your site 24 hours a day to ensure it is protected from hackers, malware and intruders.
  • We are trustworthy because we create an extensive WordPress platform designed to support performance, scalability, safety and end-to-end services.
  • We’re sure we track nasty malware and fix vulnerabilities proactively with the complete control of WordPress updates, topics and plugins. We also have 30 days of backups if it is possible to restore them in a flash!

What makes Hostingraja Hosting Superior? What does it make?

For us, your WordPress project is more than just hosting! The best experts in WordPress will devote time and experience to making your site a success!

  • With SEO, health and efficiency audits & more, our professional experts will support you. It makes us the perfect website host for WordPress.
  • WP Speed & Performance SSD hosting, Google PageSpeed, PHP 7, WP optimized servers, and are the first to give you the speed & performance you need for your WordPress site and business growth over 5 years.
  • As a controlled WordPress host we ensure the uptime and reliability of WordPress websites beyond expectations. Using NGINX & HTTP/2, Live Servers and regular backups of your WP website to create the best SSD servers & custom setup.
  • WP Security & Development Multi-layer server encryption, full security account isolation, regular security audits, installation of identified vulnerabilities fixes, free SSLs and many more ensure maximum security for WordPress.
  • Our controlled WordPress Hosting packages include customizable PHP settings, Clone’s website tool, Git, WP-CLI, automatic backup and restore, free SSH, and various versions of PHP and more dev-oriented apps.
  • Whether you need a premium WordPress theme, Cache plugin, SEO plugin, protection plugin or any plugin to help you build a successful project, our partners will give you up to 50% discount.
  • Full single solution to help the website with WordPress.
  • We manage your WordPress site while you run your business–dig into the details, but keep our eyes on the big picture always. From the first day on, your website will be operated by a WordPress specialist.

Each WordPress site needs regular maintenance. Hands Off WordPress maintenance. But that’s our dilemma, as we say. We keep your hands free for important things, like running your business, every day with core, plugin and theme updates.

Our WordPress experts are ready to start working when things go “bump in the night.” Whether big or small, we are away with a fast text, a solution that is powered and accessible in minutes.

We are here for you 24/7

We know that every project created is unique and requires personalized set-up, resources and care. Our experience enables us to deliver SSD website hosting solutions individually for personal or business requirements. If our packages don’t suit your WordPress company, we’ll make something special for you! Talk to us and share your desires and thoughts, and we give you the perfect solution for your project with the best Personal WP assistant.

Speak to us to get the right choice.

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