Hiking in Europe- A Route Through Amalfi Coast


The Mediterranean Sea is waiting for you. You probably knew Italy better because of the Alps and the thousands of trekking possibilities that they offer, combined with stays within the swiss borders. That’s not going to be the case, but for the ones that love hard coastal trekking routes this article can be like heaven in words.

First of all, where to start a trekking in Italy for the Amalfi Coast? A good place would be in Furore, and a good idea is to spend the first night at the restored 16th century monastery that has been converted into a cozy place where you can sleep at. Instead of being an itinerary where you will be changing from accommodation constantly, you can set this hotel as the base where all the trekking will begin from. That first day you can simply enjoy the sightseeing in this lovely Mediterranean town.

The second day of your hiking in Italy is the day to explore Ravello, musical city that is known everywhere because of the pianist and composer Wagner. This is more the kind of cultural day that you can use to explore the galleries and museums or simply enjoy the coastal lifestyle.

On day 3, a good option for your hiking in Italy is to take the famous Land’s End Walk. You must take a bus that takes you to the point where this walk begins and it will guide you through amazing natural places to Punta Campanella and Baia di Larento. This itinerary covers basically the crossing from Gulf of Salerno to the Gulf of Naples. Definitely the right place for nature lovers, as coastal highlights consist basically of deep high cliffs mixed with the cultural background of the region and relaxed lifestyle.

The next day of your hiking in Italy can be used to visit the famous Ruins of Pompeii, that you can reach by train from the established departure point in Furore. A good option is to take a guided tour there and later just get relaxed and explore the region on your own.

The most famous walk of the Amalfi region keeps being the Walk of the Gods, and it is something you can’t avoid doing when hiking in Italy. At same time it is possibly one of the most challenging walks you can find over there. In any case, we are not speaking of high mountains to climb, just about a more flat route to follow. That means basically that it’s a matter of time simply. If you can’t follow a high speed, just slow down and take it easy. Adventure travel is not there to suffer but to enjoy. Get it to adapt to your needs and you will get the most out of it.

A last walk that you could try on your day 6 is the one to Grotto Di’smeraldo. It is definitely not as aggressive as the Walk of the Gods, and in this occasion you will enjoy a region covered by vineyards and olive groves. Grotto Di’smeraldo can be described as a cave, but not any normal cave. You will surely be impressed by the colors water takes there and how it plays with the rocks. If you come prepared, even a good diving would be an exciting idea to end your trip, specially in the summer!

As the departure point is always the same, you can of course select the walks that are most interesting to you, add new ones, or simply leave some of them behind. Some travel agencies organize trips to this zone, so you just need to find a good offer and go with them. In this case, ask before which is the level of the trekking because you could be placed within a group of well-trained trekkers that will need to carry you on their shoulders in order to meet their time schedule. Just make sure you are not going to play with guys at a different level.

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