Gemini Weekly Horoscope 22nd – 28th March, 2020


Love and Relationships

This week will be like sailing on the clouds. Your days in the company of your partner will be beautiful, pleasant and blissful. This is the time to talk to your parents about your serious relationship. There is a high chance that your parents may give you the green signal. Your parents will also guide, help and support you professionally. Those who are married would want to fulfil all the wishes of their spouse. Take care of your parent’s health. A small religious function is also on the cards this week.

Education and Knowledge

Students shouldn’t be perturbed by minor glitches this week – it’s just a testing period. Be positive and remember that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Avoid distractions and start studying for your upcoming competitive exams. Students currently pursuing higher studies will be able to focus better upon their studies. Do not give up hope if you are not completely happy with the results you achieve. Be aggressive in studies with perseverance and stay focused. You are lucky to have parents that support you. Do not be upset by sudden change in institutional policies or exams getting delayed.


There are no major health issues foreseen this week. In fact, you will remain enthusiastic and flowing with positivity. Your friends and family will be full of appreciation for you due to your never-ending energy. Sometimes, you may feel a little drained due to your hectic work schedules. This may be due to tremendous pressures at work or due to long distance travel. Avoid eating junk food and stay hydrated at all costs. Keep a routine of exercising everyday and take up meditation whenever you need some mental de-stressing. Despite all odds, you will manage all your personal and professional responsibilities.

Money and Finances

The growth of your finances during this week will be good. Your overall financial position is going to remain strong and no losses are incurred. You will truly realize the difference between being a spendthrift and being sensibly generous. You will monitor all unwanted expenses in business as well as on the personal front. You will eliminate all chances of wasting money. Salaried employees will be praised by everyone this week. Their dedication and honesty will be rewarded with a raise in salary. Investments of the past will bring sweet returns!

Career and Business

This week is full of remarkable progress for salaried employees and businessmen. Salaried employees will manage to definitely impress their seniors at work. Their hard work and diligence will not go unnoticed. Their sincerity will be appreciated with a promotion or raise in salary. Businesses related to agriculture and dairy will do very well financially, compared to the previous week. Partnership firms will do exceptionally well and their growth will be outstanding due to perfect mental sync and mutual understanding. Exporters will also make a great deal of progress during this week. All in all, this week offers fantastic profits for everyone!

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