Gemini Weekly Horoscope 15th – 21st March, 2020


Love and Relationships

Your partner will be an nothing short of angelic for you this week as you will be pampered with love, care, positivity, attention and affection. Your partner will be open to all your views calmly and avoid any negative criticism. This will have a very positive impact on your personality. You will be flowing with positivity towards your friends and relatives this week. You will fully co-operate with anyone who needs your aid. You will find plenty of time from your busy routines to visit them. A small celebration at home for an auspicious occasion is also on the cards. This period is lovely for married couples.

Education and Knowledge

Academic growth of students this week will be quite satisfying. Students will feel like attending extra coaching classes for improving their knowledge further. Your sincerity and diligence will undoubtedly impress your teachers and mentors, who in turn will guide you thoroughly. It is recommended that you heed to their wise words and work on implementing it. Students wanting to get admission abroad for higher education will be successful. They will be admitted to the university of their choice and even avail the benefits of a student’s loan for the funding.


Your interest in fitness will be very high and you will not hold back from buying high quality fitness equipment that may burn a hole through your pocket. You will also follow a healthy diet and may hire a dietitian/personal trainer to achieve your goals. Take extra care while lifting weights or doing cardio-related workouts. There is a possibility of a minor back discomfort too. If you’re traveling, don’t lose control of the diet and exercise and drink only bottled water even in good places. You will be brimming with energy to fulfil all your professional and personal aims.


This week seems to be dazzling for financial rewards. You will get a tax refund of some sort from the Government and Investments made during the past will bring results. This will strengthen your overall financial stability even more. If you had been trying to earn income from different sources, this week will bring ways to do it. The amount of money you make from these extra sources will be huge. You may consider investing in bonds or other Government schemes. Investments made in strong companies will also give great returns in the future.

Career and Business

Salaried employees will receive tons of guidance and support from colleagues as well as superiors. They will extend their full cooperation whenever you require the aid. Manufacturing businesses will flourish and the services they provide to customers after the sales will be wonderful. Your customers will provide positive feedback, and a lot of new orders are expected from the Government as well as private companies. Business expansion plans will require travel. If you have been wanting to expand abroad, this is a favourable and perfect time to materialise it.

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