Freelancing in Entrepreneurship: How to Achieve ‘Fame’ Status?

In numerous years building my career as an employee, I never needed to use PR to secure job opportunities. Now that I’m an entrepreneur, attaining concrete visibility and a brand name through PR is just one of the ways I gain more traction in my business.

The regular employee uses their CV and referrals to secure jobs but entrepreneurs secure clients and customers by networking, marketing and gaining visibility through PR. What makes them stand out is their brand and it’s also what differentiates them from everyone else. It’s why I can’t emphasise enough that working on your niche will strengthen your brand and help you create longevity. Why is it really necessary to become an expert these days? Because when you do you will likely be paid more and it will make it easier for you to grow your venture faster.

Now many people make the assumption that they need to spend big money to hire someone to handle their PR but that’s not necessarily the case. There are a variety of online and offline tricks to get PR to grow your business. With more people flocking to the internet, many of the large publications and news channels are there and they’re looking for fresh newsworthy content for their readers. When you structure yourself and your expertise just right you can easily open up the flood gates to create greater awareness of your business.

Most aspiring entrepreneurs don’t know how to publicise themselves and I have to admit that up until seven years back I didn’t know many of the tips and techniques either. But after stepping in the entrepreneur shoes, I was able to find seven short hacks that can be used to enhance your chance to receive good PR.

  1. Be Absolutely Clear with what you offer both as a person and an entrepreneur.
  2. Know the right people who should be approached who could get you covered on the top platforms.
  3. Stay Organised and Be reliable.
  4. Personalise your pitch. Do not try to be generic.
  5. Be Responsive and Up to date with what is happening in your industry and field of interest.
  6. Create a PR Calendar for yourself.
  7. Partner with a Charity. Social Service is good both for the society and for your PR.

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