Five Reasons why Visiting Ireland Must be in your Bucket List

Ireland, a small country with rich history, eye catching scenery, heart stopping coastal routes and lots and lots of farmhouse cheese is arguably the best all around travel destinations for families. There are numerous unspoiled areas to explore in the nation. Today, we cover five reasons why visiting Ireland must be in your bucket list.

The Entire Country is Panoramic

Clean, Virgin and Untouched. Ireland is one of the very few countries which has not polluted or over-populated itself. The Panoramic breathtaking scenery in this small nation is a treat to everyone’s eye. Few of the most scenic places include Galway’s Connemara region, the Cliffs of Moher and the Ring of Kerry. Additionally, there is The Burren with its karst landscape and the Giant’s Causeway with both having quite unusual landscapes.

Coastal routes

Driving though Ireland is a travel medication to depression.The Wild Atlantic Way which is in the region of 1,550 miles in length, gives access to stunning views along the Irish coastline. Additionally, there is also the Coastal Causeway trail that has equally impressive views with plenty of places to stop to get more involved with the local surroundings.


Ever dreamt of sleeping in a Castle? Ireland is home to some of the most historic hotels in all of Europe. There are tonnes of options for every budget. For exploring the best stay possible, Ashford Castle, in County Mayo is a sprawling castle hotel, while County Laoise has the Ballyfin Demesne Hotel which gets plenty of votes for being one of the finest hotels in the world.

Outdoor activities

A stay in Ireland is certain to appeal to those that wish to experience outdoor activities and adventures. It is well favoured for its hiking opportunities with the climb to the summit of Croagh Patrick my personal favourite. Other great destinations for a hike include Carrauntoohil, the Croaghaun Mountain and Wicklow Mountains. Also, there are plenty of great places for the fun surfing adventures with County Sligo a popular area that is able to attract many surfers from around the world.

Cultural Festivals and Local Food

Ireland is known for many small and big festivals which takes place throughout the year. Summer is a great time to visit the country to get fully exposed to the local culture. The cultural festivals are held in many regions throughout the country with the Galway International Arts Festival one of the most popular. This festival makes it possible to appreciate the arts, musicians, actors and local performers.

Seafood dishes with swordfish, scallops, oysters and Wild Atlantic salmon are everywhere on the menu. Need less to say Colcannon, farmhouse cheese and soda bread will never leave your plate when you are hogging in Ireland.

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