Federal grant to fund NMSU research of Jupiter’s atmosphere


Researchers at New Mexico State University have been awarded a three-year grant worth nearly $284,000 to study Jupiter’s atmosphere.

The grant comes from NASA’s New Frontiers Data Analysis Program. The NMSU team will be using data from the Juno mission, which is currently in orbit around Jupiter. They will be analyzing infrared images and spectra of the atmosphere as well as wind measurements to understand the planet’s circulation patterns.

Like the Sun, Jupiter’s atmosphere is made up of mostly hydrogen and helium gas.

Results of the research will be published in peer reviewed journals and new data generated through the mapping of some images will be archived in a data system that is located at New Mexico State University.

Nancy Chanover, astronomy professor and principal investigator on the project, said the blending of different research specialties to make new discoveries about Jupiter is an important part of the project. It involves three faculty members who specialize in varied academic research areas.

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