Do it Yourself: Wedding Invitation Card


The spectacular wedding day is here. It is a one in the lifetime moment for you and your partner. There are numerous options to help make your D- Day unforgettable not only for you, but for all your guests, and one of the first ways is through your wedding invitation. So, you’ve finalised the date for your big day and now it’s time for the crazy part – pushing the word out! Just a few years back, choosing invitations was a rather onerous task. There were magazines of invitation styles to look through and they all seemed about the same, except for the color. With home printers and online services that have come along with the blessings of technology, the options for wedding invitations are endless. Your invitation can be as unique and personalized as you can imagine.

A perfect way to capture your sophisticated style is to begin with a bright white card, topped with a silver foil piece. Put an elegant black and white photo of the happy couple on the top and place a sheer top layer of vellum with your wording. Punch the layers of papers and photographs and join them with probably a thread or a ribbon. Tie the ribbon in a bow or leave the ends loose. The satin ribbon will accent your classy photo, while wrapping your design in classic elegance.

You don’t have to stop with just the invitation. Follow through on your theme into your reception by making ribbon accented place cards. Ribbon not only adds a nice decorative touch to an otherwise traditional blank card design, but is also a quick and easy way to incorporate event theme colors. Using a hand held ribbon stitch punch, punch a hole in your place card where you wish to thread your ribbon through. Thread ribbon through the holes you punched and tie ribbon into a knot to secure it in place around the holes, and simply leave it as is, or tie it into a decorative bow. Leave the remaining tails long, or trim them short. The choice is yours!

Making your own invitations and place cards with a personal touch will make them all the more memorable both to you and your guests. Be sure and make some extra invitations to keep as mementos. You will look back decades later and be glad of those small, special touches you did to make your wedding day unforgettable.

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