Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 22nd – 28th March, 2020


Love and Relationships

What a fantastic week this is for your love and relations! Every moment that you spend with your loved one will be sheer bliss! You will be successfully able to clear off any misunderstandings that you had with your partner during the past. All issues with your friends, relatives and partner will be amicably resolved during this time. There is a distinct possibility of a small family function as well. This week is exceptionally good for married couples too! You could arrange for a small enjoyable picnic with your children. Your relationship equations with everyone around you will grow stronger by the day.

Education and Knowledge

Students pursuing higher education will remain very attentive and focused during this week. All the hard work and toil that was invested by them in the past will be rewarded! Students will feel mentally relaxed and will want to expand the horizons of their knowledge by exploring the subjects that they love. Their performance in extracurricular activities will also be outstanding. Advice from teachers, mentors and guides will be its weight in gold! Listen to these advices carefully and implement every word of it. Students may feel stressed out as the weekend approaches. Regular meditation will help overcome mental stress.


Excellent mental and physical health will be on your charts during this week. You will be brimming with positivity, enthusiasm and vitality. As a matter of fact, your energy levels will be so high, that you will be a source of inspiration for everyone around you. Any ailments that have been troubling you since a long time will be cured during this period. You will feel mentally relaxed and physically fit. You will be inspired to go to the gym and exercise regularly. We recommend that you practice meditation whenever you feel stressed. Keep up the good work and inspire others to be like you!

Money and Finances

Your financial health during this week will be in top-notch condition! Your net worth and overall wealth will increase considerably. There is a distinct possibility of purchasing a new vehicle and electronic appliances or gadgets. You could also consider investing in precious metals. The flow of your income is seen increasing. You will also be able to find and explore new avenues of generating more income. This week is very favourable for concentrating upon getting your stuck payments back. You will be able to recover most of it, if you devote some time. Do not take any financial decision in a haste.

Career and Business

Your words are going to create magic for you this week! Your verbal communication will be smooth and effective. You will not only be able to convey new strategic ideas to your colleagues and superiors, but you will also be able to convince them for their practical implementation. You will receive an undaunting support from everyone at work. Positivity enthusiasm and creativity will be at its peak. You will successfully be able to help anyone in need with your experience. Your true skills and abilities will be appreciated by everyone and you will stay in the limelight throughout the week.

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