Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 1st – 7th March 2020

Love and Relationships

There is a very high possibility of being attracted to someone in your friends circle and you may be falling in love with that person. You will manage to bury the hatchet with people you may have had a tiff with in the past. Married couples will have to pay extra attention to the health of their spouse and it will be essential to spend blissful time together. In case of an argument, be careful of the words you use, you may be tempted to use harsh language but that would only increase the tension in your married life.

Education and Knowledge

Students will have a very lucky week, as their perseverance will be rewarded in the form of outstanding grades in exams. Students pursuing performing arts and technology will excel owing to peaked concentration levels. People will be amazed and inspired by your energy and positivity this week.


The week is not too favourable for fitness, although the first few days of the week will be full of vitality and positivity. Mid-week is when a few minor issues may spring up – nothing too worrisome. You just might experience anxiety and mental stress, which is when it is important to not lose patience and understand that its a passing phase. Digestive ailments are also a possibility so be mindful of what you eat. Yoga and meditation will be your best friends and thankfully, your strong immunity will prevent major complications from cropping up.

Money and Finances

The week is lucky and wealthy for you, as you will be given several opportunities to earn income. Your inflow of wealth will substantially increase, along with the number of sources of income, but be prepared to meet unexpected expenses of an ailing family member. Your expenses may hit the roof at the same time as your income, so try to avoid spending on luxuries and save for necessities – even when you set out to buy expensive gifts for your family.

Career and Business

Your career is bound to grow this week and you may even strike an extremely profitable deal with a high profile client. You will see a lot of opportunities – so be ambitious but with extreme caution to avoid danger. Do not grab every opportunity that comes your way and strike a deal only after being aware of its pros and cons.

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