Cancer Weekly Horoscope 29th March – 4th April, 2020


Love and Relationships

Venus is the planet of love and is currently in its own sign Taurus, moving into the 11th house of lunar mansions in planetary charts, which is directly linked to relationships. This is also directly influencing the fifth house due to which, singles will get to meet prospective partners during this planetary movements. You will also put efforts into making your family happy. However, in spite of you putting efforts, issues within the family is likely to leave you agitated – remain calm.

Education and Knowledge

The 5th house is associated to primary education, among other things. A firm Venus seems to be moving through the 11th house and Saturn through the 8th house which will influence your fifth house. Considering this, students pursuing a graduation or a diploma are going to have a difficult time during this phase. As for those undergoing a higher education, concentrating on academics may be tough.


Some health concerns are probable this week and you could be prone to viral infections. Take necessary care for the same. People with diabetes will have to be more careful during this phase. Follow the diet regulations of your doctor, religiously. Go for regular check-ups if needed. You may also be prone to minor level injury. If you drive a 2-wheeler, it is recommended you take extra care.

Money and Finances

The inflow of money will grow. But, you need to handle money matters sensibly. Do not get tempted by short term profits and invest money in uncertain schemes. Some unforeseen expense related to family is expected. While making financial strategies, it is recommended to keep enough cash for emergencies. You will manage the routine and unforeseen expenses well.

Career and Business

The Sun moving into the 10th house, associated to profession(Karma) will make you active – but make decisions keeping long term pros and cons in mind. Businessmen handling government organization projects can strike a great deal. Employees may have a lot of stress to deal with and may find it difficult to get along with their superior.

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