Cancer Weekly Horoscope 22nd – 28th March, 2020


Love and Relationships

A strong attraction may form for someone near you. Do not delay proposing if you intend to – the faster you do this, the better! There is a strong chance of an outing with friends/siblings and their parents. This day will be quite joyous! Your loved one will forget all misunderstandings of the past and will feel romantically attracted to you. You will partake in several social events with friends. You will feel proud of the achievements of your kids, if any. Joyous and pleasant atmosphere within the family is foreseen.

Education and Knowledge

This is going to be an outstanding week as far as education is concerned! Some students will be lucky enough to even avail scholarships for brilliantly completing their course for the degree of their choice. Getting a student’s visa for higher studies abroad will also not be a problem. Government aids for higher education are also a strong probability. Overall academic progress of both, school and college going students will be appreciable. Not only will you be able to pass your competitive exams, but you also will probably be one of the top rankers! Keep up the hard work and new doors to the future will open up!


No major health concerns are expected this week. You may even consider joining a gym. It would be a good idea to hire a personal trainer for specialized courses (zumba/aerobics/pilates). It is probable that you get boils on your skin or face some problems regarding acid reflux or stomach disorders. To avoid acidity, stop eating spicy foods for some time. Such minor health related issues will crop up especially during your travels. Overall, your health will remain in great condition! You will be bubbling with energy. You will be able to cope with all your professional and personal commitments despite average health conditions.

Money and Finances

This week could be a little harsh on you financially. Unforeseen expenses will come up. Your outflow will remain much more than what your income inflow is. This will cause some amount of mental stress. Try to put a tight leash around unnecessary expenses and ensure that you do not spend a penny more than what is absolutely required. Investment in the stock and equity market will certainly be good. Salaried employees can expect and increment. However high the flow of income is, your expenses will always be greater!

Career and Business

Salaried employees in government departments could expect promotions during this week. A raise in salary is also a strong probability. Their hard work and diligence will be noticed by their seniors and they will be given ‘certificates of appreciation’. There will be plenty of business tours for the sake of expansion and growth of your business. With adequate efforts from your side, various issues related to business will be sorted. This week will be a little harder for salaried employees in the private sector. Additional responsibilities may be assigned and workload may increase, but even under pressure, their performance will be decent.

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