Cancer Weekly Horoscope 1st – 7th March 2020

Love and Relationships

Its time to celebrate and thank the God of Love this week – you will be blessed to have a man/woman who you are going to fall head over heels in love with. You would meet a loving and caring partner and be extremely desirous of expanding your friends circle at the same time. Old school friends whom you had lost touch with, will reunite and bonds made with people in college will grow even stronger. Parents will be proud of their children’s accomplishments and the atmosphere at home will be peaceful around your family.

Education and Knowledge

This is a great week for students, although they will have to deal with academic pressures and master the art of time management. Your mantra should be “Work smart, not hard” this week. You will have to explore new methods of studying to cope with modern times that require multi dimensional approaches to subjects. Try using electronics and gadgets to prepare for upcoming competitive exams. Try not to get distracted by temporary attractions that may seem magnanimous and take your mentors into confidence.


Your physical fitness will be excellent this week. You will be constantly energized with power and positivity. Use the virtues of patience and meditation if you get overwhelmed by mental pressures that delay your tasks which you initially began with enthusiasm and vigour – this will allow your stamina to come back and succeed! Your immune system will be in your favour, coupled with a balanced diet and exercise. Your enthusiasm will reach new highs this week.

Money and Finances

This week is very fruitful for finance as you will finally see returns from past investments, and they will be excellent. You will also balance your expenses perfectly this week, by neither being a miser nor a spendthrift. Avoid lending and borrowing money from friends and relatives as much as possible this week, as it may lead to spoiled relationships in the future.

Career and Business

Regular clients may be problematic this week, due to insufficient services. It’s a good weel to sort problems for those in the commission and real estate business although it will take a huge effort. Salaries employees are going to have a very hectic week but bonds with superiors will remain intact. Don’t try to control every aspect of your business, because this is not the perfect week for a perfect balance in task completion and this may result in losing opportunities – but do not be disheartened as this phase isn’t for long.

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