Business Isolation due to Virus? Take out time and Rhyme


The thing I love about humans other than Hamburgers is their ability to express themselves effectively. The world has moved to a very critical stage with the ongoing virus outbreak, economic collapse and another Nuclear War threat.

A lot of businesses, especially in the hospitality industry, are closing down due to the current World Quarantine. The world of leadership is caught in a tricky situation where employers are unable to finalise the next move due to the outbreak.

Today, I am writing this article not for giving tips and suggestions on how to revive your business, but I am writing this article to help leaders’ find solace in this anxious situation through writing, especially poetry.

Writing has forever been a way of self- expression. The artist, who is scribing by choice, knows the value of written words. The written word, as per the poets I have met, is meant to be multidimensional and have multi- purpose abilities. The purpose for written words is not always distinct or seen on the surface. In Hinduism, the history was carved on walls. How imaginative is that?

The journey of alphabets are a world all their own. They offer powerful energy waiting to be freed into the open by an eager writer desirous of reaching a curious audience.

Writers are honestly revealing small drops of water from a sea full of padding that they install from their own mind, for themselves first, and then for everyone else to read. The poet, who is also the first person to read his rhymes, wants to feel free, excited or illuminated by the vibration of word expression.

As a leader, during the time of crisis, you must look within and find the right words. Once you are successful in finding the right words, pen them down. You will be your first reader and the anxieties will fade between broken lines, and rightfully so. Circle Of Life, as Africans call it. Broken Dreams can be mended with Broken Lines.

The interpretation or the meaning of the poetry or prose is the way writer uses to gain realisation and empathy in his art. Knowing how rhyming words builds compatibility with his heart when put together correctly, help calm a tender-hearted person to be better equipped for processing life’s events and challenges more readily.

Life is honestly a wave of events taking place and the need arises for realising these events and capturing it. Knowing how your mind processes challenging or wonderful events is accomplished through the power of words. This is the desperate need for all leaders during this critical junction of business life. The words, once captured, are then formed into thoughts and shared by the intuitive connection the writer/poet has to his own ability to decrypt dreams through poetic release.

Rhyming words are elegantly shared by the poet/writer to the reader, or to a captive audience of students or peers. You, as a leader, could easily find a child-like smile after rhyming random words. Poets are the type of people that may be more quiet that other people (just like a few leaders), lighthearted or nature lovers at best! Most of the poets that I have met became writers after years of working through depressing memories. Most of the leaders that I have met became leaders, YES..after years of working through depressing memories.

Thoughts of sadness or pain may be digested very intensely causing a need to be further processed through mental questioning. Further understanding of daily events need more review and introspection and need to be released and serve a better purpose. Herein comes a way to release pain through putting pen to paper by penning a winning war through writing release, writing words that liberate a poet’s disdain and pain.

Pain cannot go unchallenged, you cannot allow sadness and sorrowful memories to go away without challenging yourself to re-examine your pain into something greater than pain. Pain needs to work as a service to assist you, it is to be used as a service/learning and teaching opportunity to humanity, at least in some way.

So, business going down, coronavirus outbreak, isolated streets, anxious employees- there are a lot of prevailing problems for the current leadership worldwide. Don’t you worry. Poetry, and the rhymes will save you, and it always has, since our evolution.

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