Breaking Update on how Fans Can Get Their WrestleMania 36 Refunds

The City of Tampa has posted the official details on how fans can get refunds for WrestleMania 36. You can check out their tips below:

  • * will start issuing refunds for tickets within the next 30 days.
  • * People who purchased tickets at the box office in Tampa, Florida may receive a refund when that box office officially opens for business again.
  • * Those who purchased the tickets from a third party need to contact that third party directly to work out a refund plan.

The Tampa Bay Local Organizing Committee also issued the following statement:

“Our community has waited 36 years to host WrestleMania and while we are saddened that this unforeseen situation has led us to today’s announcement, this is totally the right call for the security and safety of everyone involved. A huge thank you to all our local leaders and our friends at WWE, as we collectively worked through the unprecedented fluidity of the last few weeks. The Tampa Bay-WWE partnership has never been stronger.”

This is sad! Very Sad. I stand with WWE and Pro-Wrestlers in this heartbreaking situation.

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