BN3TH: The Most Comfortable Underwear for Men


It’s what’s beneath that counts.

That’s the slogan for BN3TH, an innovative underwear brand that is offering men with increased comfort. The brand is bringing a variety of features in underwear that were unheard of before.

A lowdown about BN3TH

BN3TH is catering to all your underwear needs. It’s offering an extensive lineup of the most stylish and comfortable products, from loungewear to daywear to activewear. Here, you will find nothing but best, even for your underwear. You should also know that men swim trunks are necessary for all.

BN3TH is making sure that your underwear is a combination of innovation, comfort, and design. It is built on these three unique features. The only goal for ben3th is to engineer underwear that will make you feel confident all day long. 

What makes BN3TH so comfortable?

1. MyPakage Pouch Technology ™ 

This innovative pouch underwear has a one-of-its-kind 3D technology that lifts, supports, and enhances your manhood. Ultimately, it separates the male package from the rest of the body. The pouch obliterates skin-on-skin contact, so sweat and heat are significantly reduced.

On the plus side, MyPakage Pouch Technology ™ elevates the position of your boys. It creates a natural-looking bulge. Moreover, the 3-dimensional internal pouch provides support from every angle, so you’re saved from the inhibition of adjusting and shifting your bottom publically.

2. The Pucker Panel ™

It is an integral part of an underwear’s comfort engineering. Features like flatlock seams and covered stitching reduce chafing in your most sensitive areas. The abrasion-free stitching will prevent any rubbing against your skin.

3. Tag-less Waistband Design

The 1 3/8-inch luxury knitted waistband is robust yet comfy, and the tag-free design is sure to prevent any irritation or discomfort. While it offers a snug fit, the soft waistband won’t roll down or fold over. It ensures the utmost comfort in whatever activities you will do.

4. Snug Fit

BN3TH utilizes a combination of modern stitching techniques like hand-stitching expanding seams, and flatlock stitching. It helps to create an ergonomic fit comfortable for all body types.

Moreover, BN3TH offers more comfortable underwear than any other brand. The Boxer Briefs have a 6.5” inseam while the trunks are half that length, with a mere 3.5” inseam. The unique quality of both styles is that the underwear won’t ride up and bunch under your clothes. 

5. XT2® NO STINK Technology

Sweat, anywhere, makes you feel irritant and uncomfortable. Not only does it cause you discomfort, but it is also the breeding ground for bacteria. Ben3th underwear keeps your parts sweat-free because of the XT2® NO STINK Technology.

It works by preventing the growth of odor-causing bacteria. It uses a permanent silver anti-odor technology that doesn’t wash out so that the funk stops even before it has a chance to start. All these innovations are a part of BN3TH’s efforts tomaintain intimate hygiene.

6. Natural Fibers

BN3TH utilizes various materials in the manufacturing of its products, such as TENCEL Modal, cotton/modal blend, French Terry cotton, Merino wool, etc. These fabrics are immensely soft and durable. Moreover, the stretchy material offers a comfortable fit, irrespective of your size.

One of the best fabrics that BN3TH uses is TENCEL Modal. This natural fabric is 50% more absorbent than cotton. It enhances breathability down there while its moisture-wicking property promotes moisture management. Just these two features are reducing issues such as rashes, itchiness, and irritation.   

7. Innovative Construction

The innovative MyPakage Pouch Technology, Pucker Panel, and seam placement work together to maximize comfort and durability. Moreover, the absence of a fly enhances the lift and support that the underwear offers.

8. Supports Environmentally Friendly Processes

Ben3th is doing all it can to be a sustainable and eco-friendly brand. Sustainable processes produce nearly 90% of its products. For instance,TENCEL Modal is manufactured from beechwood, a renewable raw substance. The company is also focusing on compostable, biodegradable merchandise and packaging material. 

BN3TH is also taking bold steps to reduce its carbon footprint. It’s developing products that last longer, thereby reducing the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills. Other initiatives include the Entourage Series that utilizes post-consumer recycled polyester and the use of laundry bags that can be repurposed to deliver some products.

9. BN3TH for every style

From active sportswear to swimwear, BN3TH can cater to your every need. Moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and shrink-free, all products are designed to provide the utmost comfort. Pro 2 IN 1 shorts and full-lengths are designed as built-in underwear. They have easy and comfortable waistband and are stretchable

Moreover, the athletic style is ideal for workouts and all kinds of athletic activities. Now you can focus on your regimen, not your gear.

All underwear aren’t made equal

Most men don’t put enough thinking when buying underwear. As long as they find the right size, they don’t care for anything else. It shouldn’t be this way!

What kind of underwear you wear has a considerable effect on your health down there. Thus, buying underwear requires due diligence. Here are a few things that you need to think about when buying this most intimate apparel. 

Fits well – An underwear that is too tight will compress your booty and waist, making it hard to relax. Wearing one that’s too loose will offer no support.

Feels comfortable – From the fabric to the cut to the style, every aspect should be comfortable, all day, every day. 

Provides the right support – Every man has different needs depending upon his physique and lifestyle choices. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, your boys need the maximum support.

Accentuates your figure- Proper fitting underwear can accentuate your package and behind. Ask any woman just how sexy the right one can make a man look. (wink!)

It makes you feel good about yourself. Yeah, everything just mentioned can pump your confidence.

The BN3TH Lineup

BN3TH has an amazing collection of products for all of your needs. More importantly, the brand has a ‘100% satisfaction guarantee policy.’ If you don’t like your product, you can return it and get your money back.

For everyday comfort:

The classic range for everyday comfort includes Boxer Briefs, Trunks, Full-Length Underwear, T-shirts, and unisex sleepwear. All of these products are manufactured from Modal. The material is durable and long-lasting.

For fun and fitness:

The active collection includes Entourage Series, Pro men’s underwear, and 2 in 1 shorts and pants. MyPakage Technology™ pouch and Pucker Panel make it perfect for your workout and sports activities. Seamless stitching prevents chafing and irritation in the most sensitive areas.

Moreover, the fabric made of a polyester and spandex blend encourages activities requiring a great deal of movement. It also promotes temperature regulation, muscle stabilization, and unrestricted movement.

For relaxing

Whether for sleeping or simply lounging, we all demand clothes that help us unwind. The quality fabric and innovative construction of BN3TH clothing in the soft modal fabric are exactly what we all need. From joggers to tees to sleepwear, several products are available in a unisex design. This fantastic clothing line is a perfect example of how function meets fashion with no compromise in quality.

Final thoughts

Yes, you don’t often put your underwear on display but, the underwear says a lot about personality. It influences your poise, shape, and physique. With BN3TH, there is no chance for you to compromise on the comfort down there. The brand is offering underwear suitable for everyone’s body shape, climate, and lifestyle choices. 

It is transforming the way men think about underwear and is also revolutionizing the underwear industry. The patented MyPakage Pouch Technology, Pucker Panel ™, and TENCEL Modal fibers are just a few new concepts that the brand is bringing to its customers. With the innovative technology used in BN3TH products, you’ll be investing in a product that is as resilient as you.

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