Bestselling Author Chandra Shekhar Speaks on Business, Family and His Latest Book, Mock My Words

Chandra Shekhar has penned a thrilling novel, which recently rose to the top of the Amazon Bestseller list. It was a well-deserved ascent for this groundbreaking book, which keeps the excitement coming from beginning to end. Mock My Words has a tech driven edge, but it also delves into the humanity of things by infusing romance, martial drama and life challenges into the mix. 

The tech aspect of this book no surprise because Shekhar has a background that includes developing systems for everything from self-driving vehicles, and facial recognition to and video surveillance. This aspect really does make this book even more compelling. We were truly honored to sit down with him to find out more about his novel this is what he shared up with us.  

Not everyone is able to become an international bestselling author, what is the key to your success?

As the world grows “flatter,” readers are increasingly drawn to books that explore other cultures and to authors whose background differs from theirs. Further, as people migrate and mingle, they face new challenges in adapting to other cultures. My book addresses these trends and challenges, which could explain its wide readership.

Authors are inspired by different aspects of life when it comes to writing a book. What inspired you to write Mock My Words? How did you decide on the title?

I have been in an academic environment most of my adult life, first as a researcher in Artificial Intelligence, then as a journalism student, and finally as a writing instructor. So there has been no shortage of inspiration for a novel set in a university. My career has also led me to live and work in three different countries: India, France, USA. All these experiences come together in my novel. As for the title, I had been struggling to find a suitable one until my wife came up with it in a moment of inspiration!

What do you hope most readers will take away from this book?

I have attempted to write an interesting story about sympathetic characters undergoing difficult but ultimately rewarding experiences. I want my readers above all to have fun, to keep turning the page and to want more when they finish reading the novel. Beyond that, if they got any new insights into the human condition, or into more mundane matters like academic struggles or corporate politics, that would be a bonus.

Has writing Mock My Words changed your worldview at all?

Indeed it has! This might sound hard to believe, but I learned a lot from my own characters. As any “literary” writer will tell you, the characters that one creates take on a life of their own, often behaving in ways that one did not anticipate. For instance, I had imagined Laura as an unsympathetic character, cold and selfish. But as the story evolved, she displayed qualities of courage and compassion. I “understood” her better, and sympathized with her struggles. Perhaps this kind of realization will help me be more accepting of certain difficult personalities in real life!

Mock My Words has been very successful. Are you writing a new book?

I have two books in the pipeline (and ideas for many more). One is Thirst for Power, which deals with the intertwined lives of an idealistic young man, a scheming politician, a romantic professor of English, and an enigmatic social worker, set against a background of political, social, and climate change. Taking place in India and London, this novel draws on my varied and quirky background. My other work-in-progress is an illustrated collection of short stories, flash fiction, and humorous verse titled Unintended Consequences, Illogical Extremes, and Other Ironies of Life. I hope to complete both books this year.

You can find Mock My Words on Amazon. 

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