Aries Weekly Horoscope 8th – 15th March, 2020


Love and Relationships

Your evenings will be very romantic and you will end up spending some unforgettable moments with your partner. Avoid letting your ego get the better of you, and don’t lose your temper over petty issues. A positive change in your attitude will make you more popular among your friends than usual. Singles might meet someone of the opposite gender belonging to a reputed/rich family. You may also have a party with your near and dear ones – it will be a pleasant atmosphere at home. Your spouse will support your endeavours financially.

Education and Knowledge

Students will have to be extremely focused on academics and make studying their top priority. They have to make friends who are equally serious about their career and distinguish between good and bad company, as partying all the time would adversely affect studies. Distractions would be on the rise but remind yourself that procrastination will not help you clear your exams, and make Meditation your best friend for it will help you stay calm and focused. Students pursuing higher education will have a great week and perform exceedingly well in assignments/tests. Those appearing for competitive examinations this week will have to put in extra hard work and walk the extra mile to score well.


For those of you traveling for work, take extra care. Salaried employees and businessmen will be extremely busy this week and extra caution will be needed to avoid mental anxieties. Avoid junk food and drink extra water this week, as an occasional burning sensation or an itchy condition is predicted. Try focusing on sleep and exercise routines as well.


This week you will reap financial rewards for all your hard work. You would understand the importance of savings and manage to remove unnecessary expenses. All the payments that had been long due will finally come your way. However, refrain from investing in stocks this week. It is a good time to buy/sell property.

Career and Business

Salaried employees may be transferred to a location of their choice, and they will also be appreciated more than their peers by their seniors. Businessmen will have to be careful with expenses and regulate them. This will not only help you to save, but also increase your turnover. Businesses from iron, steel, aluminium and other metallurgic industries will make great progress. Trading and commission business will also flourish. Partnership ventures will see a positive growth. Your business tours will increase, but the rewards reaped will be great!

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