Aries Weekly Horoscope 22nd – 28th March, 2020


Love and Relationships

Your evenings will be full of romance and love – you and your beloved will manage to enjoy intimacy together. Take extra care of your temper, tantrums and try using a gentle language all the time. Harsh words will only result in severed ties with your friends and loved ones. Your family will extend their complete support to you in your times of need. Younger siblings may create minor disturbances. Deteriorating health of your mother may be a cause of concern throughout the week. Expect complete support from your spouse during this time.

Education and Knowledge

Students will be able to focus throughout the week and obtain excellent results due to their hard work combined with this concentration. Students pursuing research in any academic stream will have a great run. All their diligence will pay and they will do supremely well in competitive exams too. Those who have been wanting to migrate for further studies will also find success. Students are recommended to take an occasional break to relax and unwind.


Gym, yoga and meditation – your fitness friends this week! You will be flowing with enthusiasm and positivity! Your stamina and physical strength shall know no bounds! Also, your enthusiasm will be so high that it will inspire others to follow your fitness journey! Long distance travel is a possibility – take adequate care and eat healthy. Your immune system will be in great condition and will keep you protected against viral infections and other diseases. Avoid junk food and stick to healthy eating to make use of this immunity even more.


This is an brilliant week for salaried employees – All their dedication and hard work will be appreciated by seniors at work. Additionally, their company may also reward them with financial benefits. Business activities will also thrive. The financial position of companies will be fundamentally strong. Any payments that were due since long, will come your way and strengthen your financial position. All in all, the financial growth of your company or business venture shall be positive.

Career and Business

Businesses belonging to automobile industry will thrive during this week. Partnership ventures will also thrive and businesses will easily be able to meet the expected revenue. If your business has branches abroad, their performance shall be excellent during this period. All the hard work that salaried employees put into their jobs will be praised and noticed by their seniors and colleagues. The chances of a promotion or an increment in salary is also very strong. Always stick to a soft language and refrain from using harsh words. Being polite is a good thing.

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