Aries Weekly Horoscope 15th – 21st March, 2020


Love and Relationships

There is a high possibility of meeting someone of the opposite gender this wee whom you will be attracted to. But go slow – Matters of the heart have a tendency to be complicated. Keep your anger in check completely – polite language and a soft mannerism. Usage of harsh tone will only cause damaged relationships with your relatives and partner. Your spouse will share responsibilities with you, and walk hand in hand. You may get financial support from in-laws as a reward for supporting them earlier – which will also be extended to your siblings.

Education and Knowledge

Students will set focused goals this week. They will have a clear target of what they want to do in life. They will be flowing with enthusiasm, positivity and concentration. Their hard work will undoubtedly bring success in every exam they appear for. Students wanting to go for higher studies abroad will also be successful, with their grit and focus. Hard work never goes to waste. During times of stress, students should indulge in meditation. This will refresh the mind.


Overall, your health will be in good shape and thankfully, you have a habit of exercising everyday which will help you avoid serious illnesses. You may develop a minor skin rash, which may be a cause of your previous allergies. This can be avoided by not eating junk and drinking bottled water. But, as the weekend approaches, your good health may be in jeopardy as you will be prone to viral infections. Your immune system may not be in the best shape, so extra precaution is necessary. There is a possibility of a minor accident this week so follow traffic rules and drive safe.


Investments from the past will give returns this week. Increasing prices of properties and stocks bought in the past will make your financial position stronger. You will be able to regulate unnecessary expenditure. There is a probability of salaried employees being rewarded, either monetarily or otherwise, for their outstanding performance at work. Their hard work will be appreciated by everyone. The loan you had been seeking approval for will finally see light.

Career and Business

Businesses related to metallurgy, especially steel, aluminium and iron will thrive this week. Traders and brokers from these industries will also show grow. Partnerships will be very successful and financial turnovers will be met. Business tours are a possibility which will benefit in the future – this could be expansion or clientele. Superiors of salaried employees will have immense faith in you and give you very important responsibilities. Your successful execution of these responsibilities will be of utmost importance.

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