Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 8th – 15th March, 2020


Love and Relationships

This week is sort of a testing period for your relationship – one that will undoubtedly yield into gold if you can survive it. The first few days of the week would be harsh and you would easily lose your temper – it is advisable to keep it under control. Using harsh language will only lead to worse things and fierce arguments that would seem incorrigible and severe. But, married couples will be able to solve misunderstandings of the past.

Education and Knowledge

Students – be prepared to work hard like never before – the planets are not in your favour but there is nothing that can’t be combatted with hard work. Perseverance will be your best friend and as the weekend approaches, your focus and concentration will be back again. Make a time table and give sufficient time to every subject without excuses – keep your mind clear and void of confusions.


Your health will be average this week but no major health issues are predicted. It is still advised that you take sufficient care and caution. Ailments that were bothering you in the past may come back and even tiny symptoms must be treated immediately. Say no to street/junk food and eat only nutritious meals as there is a chance of stomach issues. You may have symptoms like a cold, cough or sore throat – get them treated at the earliest to avoid aggravation. The respiratory system may not be in proper order either.


This week, know the difference between being ambitious and over-ambitious. The planets this week may lure you to take unnecessary risks – do not fall for them. You may earn quick money once but it won’t happen every time and you may end up with losses if you take any risk this week, at all. Be disciplined with your finances and set targets for yourself, and remember where you have shined in business.

Career and Business

This week will be an average one for your career and you will have a very hectic routine with few new projects in your kitty. You may face troubles along the way and meeting deadlines will be a challenge, along with living upto people’s expectations. Do not be hard on yourself because most of the times, people set unrealistic expectations. You will have to constantly work this week to get results. Businessmen should steer clear from projects that involve any risks.

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