Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 22nd – 28th March, 2020


Love and Relationships

This week will become the quintessential example of how relationships remain beautiful and healthy! Not only will you spend quality time with your beloved, but you will also find enough time for your friends and family. The bonding between singles in a serious relationship will also be on a completely different level. Romance and intimacy will be sheer poetry! Every moment that you spend with your beloved will be etched on your soul forever. The trust and mutual faith between married couples will be phenomenal! Their language will be soft and gentle. They will truly start respecting each other like never before.

Education and Knowledge

What a fantastic week this is going to be for students! They will excel at whatever they venture out to do! Studies, extracurricular activities, sports and competitions. They have got it all under control. Students will remain very attentive in class and will have no issues in focusing or concentrating upon their studies during this time. They will pass with flying colours in any examination that they appear for. Students will be completely free of any negative mental anxiety and stress. They will have a thirst for constantly acquiring more knowledge and expanding their mental horizons. Students, keep up the good work!


Overall, the week seems to be very positive for matters related to your physical and mental fitness. Although, no major health issues are foreseen during this week, you will certainly need to take some precautionary measures. Do not eat street side junk food. Maintain a healthy diet and stick to nutritious meals. Not doing so will definitely lead to some minor digestive disorders which will make you very uncomfortable during this time. You will be full of positive energy and enthusiasm. You may feel particularly stressful during the mid-week. All you need to do is practice a little meditation and take rest when necessary.

Money and Finances

This week seems to be very bright for matters pertaining to your finance and money. You will successfully be able to search for more avenues of generating financial inflow. This will result in a stable monthly income thereby strengthening your financial stability. You will also be able to keep a tight leash over unwanted expenses during this time. You will keep perfect accounts of your business outflows as well as your personal expenses. There is a distinct possibility of you buying some expensive paraphernalia for your family members or friends. Planetary influences will help you to gain some unexpected financial benefits as well!

Career and Business

The week seems to be extremely promising for matters related to your career and growth. You will be brimming with positivity and enthusiasm throughout the week. The levels of your energy will be so high that you will become a source of inspiration for everyone around you. Your responsibilities may substantially increase during this period. You will easily be able to manage all stressful situations and handle pressure at work very effectively. Even planetary influences are favourable towards you during this time! Businessmen will be able to achieve their desired targets of turnover and profit. The week will prove to be equally good for salaried employees as well.

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