Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 1st – 7th March, 2020


Love and Relationships

It’s an average week for relationships and your emotions will take a roller coaster ride – it will be essential to remember that words cannot be taken back once spoken – so avoid harsh communication which would damage your relationships more than normal this week. Soft language and gentle words are the methods to stick by, this week. Nothing in the universe is permanent, so patience is the key. Married couples will have to go the extra mile to shower love on their partner and cordially adjust. It will be a time to evaluate priorities and compromise, to ensure marital bliss.

Education and Knowledge

Students will face a challenging time and it will be necessary to remind yourself that this is just a passing phase. These 7 days, students will have to forcibly concentrate on academics and students pursuing higher education may have poor results due to lack in focus. Their grades may not be satisfactory, but it’s a favourable time for students who wish to move out of their current location for further studies. This isn’t the time for lethargy – so fight it diligently and turn this time around!


You will need to take extra care of your health, especially the digestive system. Avoid eating street food at all costs as it may lead to severe food poisoning. Be mindful of any seasonal infections and take the necessary precautions on time. The aged will need to keep their blood pressure and sugar in check.

Money and Finances

Proper financial planning is the need of the hour this week and in case of disputes, it is advisable to start discussing pertinent solutions with the people involved. You will need to plan your finances properly during this week. If there are any issues in regards to your wealth, finance or inheritance, we recommend that you start discussing a probable solution with all concerned parties and by seeing the benefits of each party involved. Financial planning is important because it will allow you to meet unexpected expenses of family members. It is always good to keep emergency money.

Career and Business

You will face some minor obstacles this week in your professional growth. You will feel mentally exerted and lethargic. You may also not feel like going to your workplace with a stronger dislike than usual. This week will also be full of hurdles for salaried employees and businessmen, who will face competition from other businesses. It will be particularly difficult to implement strategies and designs and business travel is on the cards.

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