A Complete Guide About Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is one of the terrible diseases that make your whole life upset, along with making life frightening. “Male breast” and “man boobs” are its other names and it is more suitable because in this disease the tissues of male breast get enlarged because of testosterone and hormonal imbalance and amid estrogen within the body. This shows the improper proportion of breast and can change the shape of one or both the breast tissues. This problem can affect all ages men, and there are normal, natural, and numerous other alterations that can affect the tissues. It is essential and possible to treat this problem because now the field of plastic surgery has improved enough.

Symptoms of Gynecomastia:

There are common signs and symptoms of this man boobs disease. That includes soft feel in the boobs, swollen tissues of the breast, pain in boobs, tenderness in the breast flesh, and discharge from one or both boobs. 

Grades of Gynecomastia:

The situation of this disease may always look similar, but still, it has grades in it. The three grades of Gynecomastia are described below in detail.

Grade 1: 

This grade is commonly referred to as puffy nipples. In this grade of Gynecomastia, the patients got into the situation of having slanted body mass and got quite a little amount of fat at a younger age. The most favorable option to treat this grade man boobs is the removal of glandular tissue with a surgical intrusion. It tends to introduce instruments into the body, but it is a suggested treatment.

Grade 2: 

This grade of Gynecomastia is widespread. In this grade, the volume of male breast get unnecessarily increased in the lower side of the chest. Firstly, it rises up to the size of a tennis ball and then gets the softball volume. In this situation, the most favorable thing is liposuction, but some certain patients get into the combination of glandular tissue and fats. 

Grade 3:

In the third grade of Gynecomastia, the male breast begins to come down and slumps for about 45 to 60 degrees. However, this grade men’s breast gets treated according to the value of skin and chest. The most ordinary consideration in this situation is the removal of chest tissues through surgery. 

Some Causes of Gynecomastia:

Testosterone plays a vital role in the conservation of sexual symptoms of men. Testosterone is quite crucial for muscle mass and body hair. Estrogen is a core objective to add virtues in women, but males also have this in a small amount. Gynecomastia is the cause of disparity of the two hormones, and it becomes habitual in the three development grades. 


Through this time, a male body goes under a lot of changes increasing the boy because of his teenage time. In this time, the swelling of the chest is normal, but if these signs do not diminish for a longer time, then the person needs to seek medical checkups. 


As in infancy, the mother estrogen discloses in a high amount. Due to this, most of the male infants are born with enlarge sized breasts. Most people do not know about it, and this puffiness gets eliminated in the turnaround time of two to three weeks.

Senior Men:

This situation can also happen in the olden days ranging from the age of 50 to 80. This is the most general time when this happens. This is the time when it will not diminish, and you need to consult a surgeon.

These are all the details about a particular male problem Gynecomastia. It will be suspicious observing your breast getting bigger, so must consult a doctor for proper treatment of Gynecomastia

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