7 Reasons To Be Serious About Employee Engagement. Are You?

Do you know why you need to be serious about employee engagement in your workplace? The reason is simple, with better work engagement, you can enhance the production rate in your organization.

Though many of the leaders know its importance. But at the time of measuring, they become hesitant to check whether their employee engagement might be lower than what they believe it to be.

Having satisfied and happy employees can’t give you the surety of engagement in your workplace? In fact, there might be a chance that your employees are happily disengaged.

For a better workplace environment, you need to make sure that your employees are satisfied. However, that’s not the only thing to check. To measure employee engagement, you need to check whether employees are trying their best to benefit your organization or not.

How To Measure Employee Engagement?

People believe that the reason behind disengaged employees is because they are not happy with their workplace. While that’s not really the case. There is no proof that happy employees can bring more production. Though happiness is one of the criteria, it doesn’t satisfy the expectancy of the employer from workplace engagement.

But nowadays, there are technologies available using which you can remotely keep the track of engagement in your workplace. In a recent survey of Deloitte, they found that 85% of the administrators believe engagement to be the prior factor.

However, measuring employee engagement seems to be quite a challenging task. Traditional employee survey method has become outdated. And employers are looking for a modern approach to measure employee engagement with real time monitoring mechanisms like EmpMonitor. Possibly such employers are looking for employees who can really be productive and engaged in their work.

Do you also want to have engaged employees? Then you really need to take some action for increasing employee engagement at your workplace.

Here I have shown some of the reasons why you need to be serious about employee engagement.

  • One of the biggest reasons why you need engagement is employee retention. The cost of losing an engaged employee could be more than hiring a new employee. According to Gallup’s study, around 27% of engaged employees are ready to leave their job for their raise of 20% or more. That means having better workplace engagement gives you a better chance of retaining your employees.
  • Have you heard of the Pareto Principle(80/20 rule)? According to that, nearly 80% of the production comes from only 20% effort of the workforce. It’s hard to believe. Though it doesn’t stipulate the precise ratio, however, even if you see the analytical fact, only 32% of employees are engaged and productive in their workplace. Somehow, if you can enhance your engaged workforce, then you might be able to bring more profit to your organization.
  • Your engaged employees are the ones who are innovative and always try to anticipate and learn new things. They always think about how to develop their skill to perform better. Such employees not only grow themselves while they also put their best efforts into the growth of the organization.
  • Engaged employees are pretty active, and they are more likely to communicate with others. That way, they also influence other employees to engage in their work activities.
  • Engaged employees are always ready to help and collaborate with others to reduce the workload of the overburdened team. Thanks to the Internet, nowadays, employees can easily communicate and collaborate with each other and sort out their issues.
  • Having engaged employees means that you have committed the workforce in your organization. Such dedicated employees can work for the benefit of the company even in their toughest times and busy schedules.
  • Engaged workforce will not only help you to enhance work productivity, but it will also help you to attract people to join your organization. As satisfied and engaged employees also recommend others to join their organization.


If you want to enhance production in your workplace, employee engagement is a crucial factor that you must consider. Because of technology, it has become easier for us to keep the gauge of engagement in the workplace. I hope that the above-shown reason might help you to understand the importance of workplace engagement.

So what do you think? Want to enhance engagement in your organization? Then first you should measure the employee engagement in your workplace.

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