7 Products Exported From Nigeria

We all know that the most popular exported product of Nigeria is oil. However, because of the severe decrease in international oil rates, the high level of exports of the so-called black gold is going down from Nigeria. However, there are many other products exported from Nigeria that are highly demanded in the international market.

Let’s take a look at the market and industry! If you join a leading Nigerian B2B Marketplace, you’ll find many local businesses to connect with There are many things you can export from Nigeria. Read below to find out which products are being shipped from Nigeria in the following days.

Exports from Nigeria to Other Countries

1.      Ginger

Nigeria is one of the largest producers of ginger in the world. This product is one spice that is traded the most in the world. Many different countries receive ginger in large quantities from Nigeria. Ginger is a hot, odorous spice prepared from the shoot of a plant, which is then chopped or even used in a powder form to cook food.  

2.      Palm Kernel Oil

Palm Kernel oil is a specific oil taken out from the pulp of a palm fruit, which is not the same as the palm oil. Palm Kernel Oil is also used in many manufacturing industries to create different cosmetics, pharmaceutical items, and sweets. This oil is used widely across the globe, and it contains an abundant amount of protein. Nigeria earns a significant amount from exporting this popular product to many countries.

3.      Cocoa Butter

To make chocolates, you definitely require cocoa butter. In addition to this, the fruit of cocoa is used to create many skincare, pharmaceutical, and health care products. In the UK and America, the demand for cocoa butter is rising day by day. Nigeria is one place that fulfills the needs of many countries by exporting these essential products in high quantities.

4.      Textiles and Garments

Nigeria is one country that produces one of the best textile and garments across the world. The design and quality match the African ethnicity due to which the demand for Nigerian textile is high in America. Without any barriers, Nigerian textiles products freely enter the United States. Due to the fantastic quality of Nigerian textile countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy, the USA, the UK, Malaysia, and also the Netherlands, demand for their garments.

5.      Gallstone

A gallstone can easily be obtained from the gallbladder of mature oxen and cows. This product is a clay-like solid item required in the manufacturing of many essential pharmaceutical products. It is also used for many medical reasons. The demand for Nigerian Gallstones is high in the whole of Asia and America.

6.      Rubber

Rubber is exported in large quantities from Nigeria to Europe and America. In Africa, Nigeria is one of the top producers of rubber. Rubber is one product highly demanded worldwide. Other countries to which Nigeria exports rubber comprises of India, Spain, France, and South Africa. The rubber which Nigeria exports is first checked in laboratories to see whether the product is certified or not.

7.      Cotton

Last but not least product, Nigeria exports lots of cotton. Cotton is one of the most demanded products worldwide because it is the most natural source of fiber. Nigeria is one place in Africa, which is one of the top producers of cotton. Cotton is highly demanded in locations, including China, Turkey, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

Quick Review

Nigeria mostly exports products to Europe and Asia. The total profits it earns from its exports are about N682.5 billion. The Nigerian government, in recent times, said that in the upcoming years, they would pay more attention to the export of unique agricultural goods. The reason behind this is the rates of oil are declining due to which the demand for other products is pretty high. Nigerian Export Promotion Council is a new body launched by the Nigerian government. This particular council would encourage people and industries in the country to produce and export more products. Also many Packaging Machines Importers are also showing interest in Nigeria due to the low cost of labor and land. In this way, they would improve the economy of Nigeria, and they would offer more employment.


Nigeria is a place that lacks technology and advancement. If they focus more on their techniques, they can get far ahead in their economy. Apart from this, they are also encouraging their industrialist and business people to produce and exports their highly demanded goods to other countries.

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