6 Hacks To Increase Employee Productivity In The Workplace


What makes you think that could be interrupting the employee productivity in your workplace? In research by Microsoft, they found that interrupted employees can’t be able to restart their work right away. It takes them 20 to 30 minutes of time to readjust themselves for their work.

As an Employer, it would be quite tough to avoid such situations in the workplace. Even if you have perfect workplace culture, there might be certain dilatory things that can’t be avoided. In such a case, you can implement monitoring technology to trace and eschew idleness in your workplace.

What Can Be The Biggest Time Wasting Elements In Your Workplace?

If you want to increase employee productivity in the workplace, you need to obstruct the time-wasting elements in your organization. Here I have enlisted a few of the idler things, which could be the reason for the dwindling of your workplace production.

Internet: We all know that the Internet is a big help to find solutions to any problems within a few minutes. And it’s contributing a lot to the productivity gains of organizations. However, we also found that it’s also the cause of employee distraction in the workplace. Internet abuse in the workplace- varying from “innocent shopping and entertainment” to offensive – “gambling and watch X-rated content.” Fostering and not taking any action against such issues will not only cause productivity loss, but it can also lead to serious lawsuit crimes. Nowadays, employers do care about such problems and also have strict policies against any Internet abuse in their organization.

Social Media: Do you know that social media can be one of the biggest hurdles to your employee productivity? Yeah! We, humans, are social beings, and forming more social connections is like a reward to our brain. While some organizations are okay with the mental break social actions of their employees. However, social media is an addictive platform, and sometimes employees cross their limit of idling in the workplace. And I believe that it can be a serious obstacle to the production of the organization.

Emails: Although emails had an important role to play in the workplace, it’s also the reason for idleness. Believe it or not, with constant checking emails is one of the top reasons why employees can’t complete their tasks on time. 

Of course, when an employee receives a mail notification which isn’t related to work, it causes an interruption. And it would take some time for an employee to find and pick up the task which they left remain.

Messaging & Chatting: Chatting seems to be the idle communication channel for your business work. Right! Having a good communication network is essential, and can also be very helpful for enhancing work culture. Although unnecessary chit-chat can also be the cause of distraction. According to research, we found that employees do have idle discussions and chats during workhours. That is also the reason for productivity loss in various organizations.

Technology seems to be playing an essential role in making the work process easier for us. But it has also given us some shackles (Time wasting elements) which can create dilatory in your work.

To overcome such shackles, here I have shown some ways:

6 Ways To Increase Employees Productivity And Stop Time Wasting Elements

Track The Time Limit To Task Completion:

Do you think that your employees spending most of their time on their work? But how do you know that unless you check it yourself? Just try to track the time of the tasks on which employees are engaging their time. That way, you could learn about the work efficiency of your employees. And you can also make sure that nobody is idling around in the workplace.

Employee Monitoring:

Nowadays, it is essential to monitor the activities of employees. In the past, I have heard various situations where employees violated the company’s rules. By the time the company learns about this, they already suffered some serious backlashes. A good way to combat this is by implementing the best firewalls. Great employee monitoring solutions like EmpMonitor not only helps you to monitor your employees. But it also has firewall protection implementing which you can restrain the Internet usage of employees.

Give Them Breaks:

During long work hours, employees often get bored. And it leads to idleness and chit/chat in the workplace. If you want to stop idle chit/chat in your workplace, then make sure to provide scheduled breaks between the work.

Optimize Emails:

Studies say that working people spend 13hours per week on emails. The number tells the fact. If you want to increase production in your workplace, then emails can be one of the biggest hindrances.

To overcome this problem, you can schedule a time limit for employees to check their emails. As a manager, when you are emailing employees, make sure it should be short. So that employees don’t take much time to read it. Also, try to avoid late-night emails. As it can increase anxiety in your employees, and it may also affect their work performance.

Avoid Unnecessary Meetings:

It often happens that the office’s meetings suck the production hours. From statistics data, an average employee spends 87hours per month in meetings, which leads to billions of productivity loss for organizations. Although meeting are necessary for enterprises, but it shouldn’t affect the work hours of your employees. Make sure to provide them sufficient time for their task rather than attending multiple meetings.

Allow Flexible Work Schedule:

Not everyone has similar prime hours of production. Although most of the employees find it acceptable to work (around 9 am to 5 pm) in the day time. But some employees aren’t a daytime person. And they can perform better at night time. While some people are a very morning person who can work more efficiently in the morning time. 

Some organization allows round the clock workhouse. For example- Work from 7 am to 1 pm, then go to the gym or enjoy lunch and come back to work from 3 pm to 5 pm. It kinda makes them feel more energetic and productive in their work hours.


So what do you think? You don’t want to have lackey employees who idle around and aren’t productive. Then you should take the above-shown steps to enhance employee productivity in your workplace.

I hope you find this article interesting. In case you want to say something, please mention your thoughts on the comments section.

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