5 Traits to Bring out the Queen in you


Female Leadership Series- Part 1

A Queen is a female leader of a Civilisation. She is equivalent to a king. Let’s find out in five different steps how to think and lead like a queen.

1 Discovering Yourself

It is a process of asking yourself questions that will dig deep inside to draw out the real you.

It is essential to know who you are. Queens are leaders who rule by decrees. If do not know who you are, someone else will push their agenda on you. If you don’t know who you are, you will just follow the pack and have no voice. If you do not know who you are, you will be stuck in a life you so hate. Put on your crown, pick up your sceptre and decree.

2 Letting Go

Letting go of people and things that just don’t fit your life anymore. You get an awakening. Your eyes are opened to those who have been putting their agenda on your life. Your eyes are opened to things that are distractions in your life. Yes you have a new awakening in your life. To stay on this path you have to let go.

As Queens you have the influence and power; how can you rule when someone else is controlling you?

3 Being Grateful

Gratefulness is a door to access and remaining thankful will keep you there. When people invest in your life your automatic response should be in gratitude.

Queens remember what I always say “Your gratitude determines your blessings.”

4 Your Throne

How will you lead? Who will you bring on to counsel you? Who will you hire to implement your vision and mission of your company? What maiden – personal assistant will you hire? What qualification are you looking for in a personal assistant? How will you serve your workers? What leaders in your community will you invite to your banquet? How will you impact your community? What charity has a profound effect on your heart? What day or section of time of the day will you take for you? If you are married what night or weekend will you have as date night or nights? If you have children when and where will you spend quality time with them? Who will you delegate your menial tasks to at work? At home?

You are on your throne. You are to rule in your own business kingdom and impact your community.

5 Being Integrous

You have to be integrous when you are in the influence of greatness. You have being given this access and these investors are trusting you and your word. When you do what you say you going to do this elevates you in their eyes. When you stick to your word and do it you will be able to get more investors on your side.

Access is privilege. You can’t be an island ruling by yourself you need to schmooze with other Queens, Kings, and Dignitaries. As Queens in training the best leadership quality you can have is integrity.

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