5 things to know before Exploring Face Paint Art

Face Paint

Learning how to face paint can be easy and lots of fun once you know how. During this time of pandemic, art is a known saviour and it is always good to learn something new. It’s also a great way to have fun with the kids especially at birthday parties and special occasions. By learning how to face paint you can save yourself a fortune by not having to hire a face painter, but you’re probably too busy to go out and take a face painting class right? You’d rather learn how to face paint from home and that’s exactly why I wrote this article because before you start face painting there are some important things that you must know!

  1. Face Paints: You’ll of course have to buy face paints, but what kind of paint do you buy? You should only buy/use face paint that’s specially made for the face and body. The most important thing to look out for when buying face paint is whether or not they comply with various authorities in your country (e.g. U.S. FDA.) within the guidelines for use on the skin. Water based face paint is the most popular and easiest to wash off – It’s used by people just starting to learn how to face paint and by professional face painters.
  2. Paint Colors: Start out with getting a palette that has black, white and the primary colors – red, blue and yellow. With these colors you can mix what ever color you need and this will you give you great practice if you have just started learning how to face paint. Then once you’ve started painting quite often you’ll start to notice that you’ll need certain colors more so than others. And you can buy these specific colors in addition to black, white, red, blue and yellow. E.g. You might find that green is a popular color so instead of constantly mixing blue and yellow together to make green you might want to buy a palette of green paint.
  3. Brushes: When I learnt how to face paint I used a thin brush for detail, a couple medium sized brushes and a large brush for larger areas. This combination of brushes worked really well for me and I recommend it to you
  4. Hygiene: Hygiene is extremely important in face painting and something you must be aware of when learning how to face paint. Never paint someone who has: any open cuts or sores on their face, a cold sore or conjunctivitis or any other known infectious skin condition, a food allergy or allergic reactions to soaps, skin creams, etc without a prior skin test.
  5. Designs: You need face painting designs and you can make up your own. But coming up with your own designs can be difficult and coming up with popular designs that kids will definitely love is even harder. And you ofcourse have to know how to paint all these designs. Thats why I suggest you find step-by-step face painting designs online because it will fast track you as a painter and make face painting really easy!

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