5 Delicious and Healthy Recipes For Gaining Weight

Are you having trouble gaining weight and bored of eating the same old bland food? Then try out something new, healthy and delicious, that will not only satiate your taste buds but also help you gain healthy weight.

The nutritious recipes mentioned below do not contain more than 850 calories and can be easily made at home.

Here are some simple recipes, check out them:

1.    Dark Chocolate and Milk Weight Gain Shake

In a jar add 1 cup of skimmed milk or almond milk, then add melted dark chocolate to it. You can add two spoons of almond butter along with two heaped scoops of chocolate-flavored MuscleTech Mass Gainer. Shake them well in a blender to avoid any lump formation.

2. Ice Cream and Mint Weight Gain Shake

We all love milkshakes with ice cream on top of it, then why not make it a little more yummy and healthy. To make an ice cream and mint shake, firstly add a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream in a glass of almond milk or water( as per your choice), then add two scoops of protein powder to it. Once done add 1/4th spoon of mint extract to the mixture. Pour the whole mixture in a mixing jar and blend them properly. Enjoy the refreshing drink along with some ice cubes.

3. Oats, Banana and Almond Smoothie For Healthy Weight Gain

Grind about 50g of Oats in a mixer till it becomes fine and powdery. To the same oats powder add 15g of almond powder and two big ripe bananas. Pour the entire mixture into a blender along with two scoops of peanut butter and one glass of skimmed milk. Shake it well so as to avoid lump formation. You can add a chocolate flavor mass gainer supplement to make your gainer more effective. You can have this delicious protein and fiber-rich shake as your breakfast, it will help you gain weight in a healthy and proportionate manner.

4. Fruit Punch With The Twist Of Protein Powder

In a blender add all fruits that you like, right from strawberries, bananas, litchis, or mangoes. Peel these fruits properly and add the chopped fruits into the mixing jar along with some nuts like cashews, dates, almonds and pistas. You can also add dried blueberries if you want to. Do not forget to add a scoop of whey protein powder from any brand of your choice. Mix them well and do not add any sugar to it. This yummy drink is the best way of providing your body with all the required protein and nutrients.

5.    Creamy Oatmeal Weight Gain Shake

To make this delicious shake you will need about 50gms of oatmeal ( finely powdered), whole milk 1 cup, 2 ounces of heavy cream, 2 tablespoon of honey and 2 heaping scoops of vanilla protein powder. Put all of them into a jar and blend properly. Do not add sugar to it, instead you can add a little more honey to make the drink sweeter. You can have it during breakfast or even as lunch.

These were some of the healthiest and tastiest recipes of making your regular and boring food tasty. Let us know how you liked them and share your story with us on how these yummy shakes helped you in gaining weight.

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