3 Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy


In today’s digital era, it has become so easy for hackers, intruders, harassers, or cybercriminals to breach someone’s privacy for their personal gains. Unfortunately, several naïve internet users across the globe think that the online world is the same as the real one. But in all honesty, existing on the Internet is much more risky, leading to sensible individuals not sharing too much on online platforms – be it social media or otherwise.  

Sharing knowledge, opinions or stories from one’s personal life isn’t the problem – a viewer’s reaction is. People’s reactions can be scary, upsetting and a blow to self esteem. By hiding your identity and staying anonymous, you can talk about your views fearlessly and be responded to without the risk of being discovered in real life. Here are a few ways to protect your online privacy:

Share Limited Information on Social Media Profiles

You need to remember that the more information you share on your social media platforms, the more convenient it is for someone to harm you. It’s not necessary to fill out information on different accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc – so be weary of these accounts and limit your public information, something which can be easily adjusted on the Settings section. People who need to know your phone number, address, and email id would already have them and the people who don’t need to know these details, may procure them.

Use Secure Platforms to Talk about Sensitive Topics

In today’s digital world, it is more convenient for users to raise their voices against a particular topic or subject. They attempt to share and circulate posts over the Internet without even realising the dire consequences. However, for some people, it is not easy task to talk about sensitive issues or share their views, opinions, and perceptions. It is everyone’s responsibility to respect each other’s privacy. Therefore, it is wise on your end to make use of secure platforms like Doe, where you get to share your story with the world without revealing your true identity. This way, you can easily share your views and perceptions without backlash and without the threat of your personal information being misused. You get the freedom of speech without any fear of judgment, harassment, blackmailing, etc – which have otherwise become the norm on other social media platforms.

Set Up a Google Alert for Your Name

You can always set up a google alert for your name, which is an ideal way to keep your eye on anything shared or posted online about you or any content that uses your name. This way, you can identify if someone is talking about you on the Internet. You just have to type in your name and Google will do the rest. You can even ask Google what kind of web pages to search from, how often the search query should run and what email ID the search engine needs to use for sending you the notifications. You can find ways to set up your Google alert online.

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Stay safe!

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