13 Simple steps to get Twitter followers for your account


Twitter is one of the widely used social media app in the world. Statistics show that by the end of the year 2019, its user base had reached 330 million active users in a month, out of which 145 million were the daily users who used this service actively.

It is categorically different from Facebook and Instagram in that it has a character limit of tweets that are shared by its users. Unlike other social media apps, twitter demands you to express yourself in limited characters. Earlier it used to be 140 characters, but later it was changed to allow 280 characters in a tweet.

Twitter also allows you to share photos and videos, but it is specifically known for its short messages shared by mostly celebrities and ordinary people. This social media app is most popular among celebrities who keep sharing their regular status updates, which take only a few seconds to compose.

Twitter is also used by businesses and personal users with lesser popularity than big celebrities. Nevertheless, there are many users on Twitter who have cracked the right way to get popularity on this social media app, and we are going to discuss them individually in this article. We are going to mention a few steps you can take to get followers on Twitter.

Pin down your tweets: Twitter has a unique feature for pinning down your tweets that have performed most in your tweeting activity – the tweets that were most shared, liked, or commented. You can also pin those tweets that will give a user the gist of what kind of tweets they will expect to see if they follow you. Think of it as advertising screenshots of your Twitter account.

Update your bio: Twitter makes a search on its user base based on what they enter in their bio. So make sure your bio gets searched through the right keywords for which you have created your Twitter account. Try to keep it as short and concise as possible so that it does both the job – gets indexed in the Twitter search algorithm as well as tells your followers about the profile.

Add a personal touch: It is always easier for the followers to connect to a human interface than a brand. Even if you are using your profile to promote your brand, then make sure that you mention the people behind your company. It will add credibility to your account, and people would feel a connection to your company by knowing the faces behind it.

Add your geographical location:  Adding a location to your bio will help you connect with the third-party vendors and other businesses with whom you may have to associate with running your business. It will boost your local search and help you build a local network to which Twitter would only add as a new touchpoint for engaging further and more effectively.

Get your account verified: Twitter has this unique feature that allows you to get verified and add a blue checkmark badge next to your profile name. It shows your prospective followers that your profile is trustworthy and recognized as that of public interest. It adds weightage to your profile, and people who share the same interest as your profile demonstrate would not hesitate to follow you.

Link it to other channels: You can easily share your tweets on other social media channels to attract more traffic to your Twitter profile. You should promote your most popular Tweets on Facebook, Instagram, etc. so that your other networks also get aware of your Twitter account, out of which some of them would turn into your followers.

Facebook also has an option to include your Twitter handle in its about section. 

Use your Twitter handle extensively: You can mention your Twitter handle in all your outgoing collaterals, your email communications, business journals, your websites, or if you publish any articles to promote your business. It will bring in more publicity to your Twitter account, and people can also relate your profile to the channel through which they became aware of it.

Integrate your Twitter feed with your website: You can show live updates of your Twitter feed on any page of your website, and more so, you can allow your website viewers to even share them by showing the retweet buttons right below your tweets. It is a shortcut for them to interact with your tweets. You can also embed your tweets into your blogs.

You have to go to publish.twitter.com to get the options to embed your tweets on different platforms. It will generate a code that you can copy, and you have to paste that code into your target webpage.

Avoid too frequent tweets: You must be careful not to abuse your followers’ attention span by frequently tweeting unimportant stuff. Most of the followers unfollow a Twitter account simply because they are bombarded with too many unnecessary tweets that are out of their interest. You must maintain the quality of tweets you are publishing for your followers all the time.

Maintain consistency:  While it is crucial to avoid too frequent tweets, it is also essential to keep your audience engaged. There are hundreds of accounts that your followers might be following and hence to keep in touch with them through regular updates, and you must maintain the consistency in tweeting. 

If it is too much of a task to keep tweeting regularly, then you may use Twitter schedulers that are available online and are specifically made for this purpose.

Keep it original: You must always prefer to write or compose your tweets than retweeting other tweets and spamming your followers’ walls. It will show your brand’s level of engagement and would showcase your expertise in a given area. 

You have to keep it so original and creative that it infuses a freshness of ideas into your followers’ minds every time they see a new tweet from you.

Retweet selectively: It is not bad to sometimes retweeting few selective tweets which you really like or care about. It shows that you are a part of a community as well as appreciate and second others’ ideas too. Maintain the right proportion of retweets to your original tweets so that it adds up to your mileage of tweeting consistently.

Maintain perfect timing: It is of no use to tweet with a wrong schedule when people are sleeping, or their response rate is too low. Research has shown that a high volume of people engagement with tweets happens during weekdays’ early and late afternoon. Hence time your tweets accordingly to get the most views from your followers.

With all of the above right strategies in place, building a network of followers on Twitter would not be such a hard task. You don’t have to follow other users for them to follow you back – a common mistake is done by most of the beginners. With these simple guidelines, you can get more followers on Twitter without following them. Make sure that you interact with your followers regularly and always focus on the right strategy to expand your user base.

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