10 Tips for Building Creative Communities in 2020


Have you ever felt alone in your desire to be creative and wanted to create a Creative Community in order to share ideas? Are you living in a deserted community or is the kind of art you love too “out there” for people in your neighbourhood? Don’t not fear! There is a solution. You can build your creative commune, develop your tribe and find the inspiration and encouragement that you desperately need by following these 10 tips. A passionate, joyful and beautiful life awaits you I guarantee it!

10 Ways to Develop your own Creative Community

  • 1. Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. Three different ‘heavily criticised’ platforms. But, on the flip side, they can be extremely useful for the Creative and Passion Minds. Social Media is all about ‘Networking’ and if you ‘network’ with the right kind of people, your community will become a reality.
  • 2. Join Facebook groups, search for a particular area you are interested in such as quilting or art marketing and join a group. Be sure to share your ideas and comment on what others are saying. You can develop friendships that way. Facebook Groups are underestimated! They could really help you connect with a lot of people with shared interests.
  • 3. Post messages on blogs, join message boards and frequently comment and respond to what others are saying as well.
  • 4. Start your own creative blog and link up with other people.
  • 5. Join art swaps. You get to know people that way, increase your creativity and the bonus is you collect some fabulous art in the process!
  • 6. Post notices in your local bookstore, art shop and in your community newspaper. Mention that you are searching for likeminded individuals. Host the first meeting in a coffee shop.
  • 7. Browse in bookstores or art stores and notice interesting, creative people. Spark a conversation to see if they are artistic and ask if you can take them out for coffee. This takes a bit more chutzpa but is often worth it in the end. Who knows? They could become your new best friend!
  • 8. Frequent art shows or festivals in your area, chat with folks and ask if they know of any gatherings of creative spirits which you might fit into. Standup Comedy events could also be a great platform to connect with likeminded speakers.
  • 9. Be brazen and go to a funky coffee shop with your sketch book and art supplies. Make a cool, colorful sign that you can stand up or put in a holder. Write on the sign “Mystical artist looking for Creative friends!”.
  • 10. Host an Art Party in your home and invite people you think would be creative to come. Ask each person to invite someone as well. Plan a particular craft in advance and ask the attendees to bring some basic supplies while you provide special materials to complete the project.

Do some or all of the above and I am certain you will find your Creative Community! When you approach your search with a positive expectant frame of mind you are bound to attract wonderful things to yourself. Remember to be grateful for everything you already have. Gratitude brings more good things into your life!

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