05 Top Screen Mirroring Applications For Your Workplace


No doubt, with time, the working culture of companies has changed a lot. Earlier, there was not that much influence of digitalization, and most of the tasks had carried manually. But, now, this is not the same. Everything has become more about leading technologies and digital concepts. Of course, the advancement in technological scope has made things easier for us. However, it comes with various disadvantages also, because, nowadays, it’s not easier to kind of get into the insights of what is happening in your workspace thoroughly. 

Therefore, businesses these days are tapping into a lot of employee monitoring solutions. So, they can track the activities of their subordinates in the work environment. But, is the employment of only employee monitoring software the ultimate solution for your business security? Well, in my eyes, no, for sure. Not to mention, smart monitoring is more important than some traditional approaches. Right!

Well, today, we’re going to talk about one of the best unconventional perspectives for the workplace, screen mirroring. We’ll talk about what it is, how it functions, the top five screen sharing apps, and various other related aspects. 

 Let’s go for it!

What Is Screen Mirroring?

Screen monitoring is nothing but the process of replicating phone, tablet, or computer screen into a big projector/TV screen. And, when this operation gets done without making use of any cable, then it’s better known as wireless screen mirroring

It often gets categorized into three different types-

  • Simple wireless screen mirroring
  • Screen sharing
  • Screencasting

But, today, we’re going to stick by only a simple wireless screen-sharing technique. And, try to understand how to set up screen mirroring effectively in your work ecosystem.

Why Should You Have Screen Mirroring In Your WorkPlace?

There are various substantial reasons to have screen sharing in your work area. Some of them are as follows-

  1. Enhances Work Collaboration Aspects.
  2. Helps In Better Analysis Of Duties.
  3. Foster Remote Working Attributes.
  4. Pushes Digitalization To Another Level.
  5. Increases Problem-Solving Skills.

Screen sharing or mirroring not only enhances the collaborative work spirit in companies but also helps employees as well as higher authorities to analyze their respective duties. Besides, using this astonishing technology, you can effectively manage your work remotely, and also solve various work difficulties in no time. In addition, it can take your company’s digital assets to another level altogether.  

What Are The Top Screen Mirroring Applications For You?

Chrome Remote Desktop-

Chrome Remote Desktop is one of the best screen sharing applications in today’s time. By using it, you can easily replicate your smartphone and personal computer, and use them seamlessly from any device. Besides, it’s an open-source platform. To use it, you just have to do the remote access settings from the Chrome Remote Desktop on your system.


TeamViewer is also an open-source platform for screen sharing. According to this, you can use your desktop or other devices from remote areas. Moreover, it allows you to access files, documents, applications, and all other features remotely. Also, it provides a multi-monitor attribute, as per which, you can connect your device with multiple monitors simultaneously.

Mirroring Assist-

Mirroring Assist is also better known as mirroring360. It is a popular mirroring application for both Android and iOS. Following it, you can seamlessly connect your smartphone to your desktop via a QR code or mirroring ID. You need to install this application on your personal computer to use its features. Mirroring Assist services are available in both free as well as paid versions. 

VNC Viewer-

VNS is one of the best screen sharing apps in present times. It is a password-protected application available for both Android and iOS users. According to it, you can access Windows, Mac, and Linux computer systems from remote regions. For this, you should have a RealVNC account and have to log in to it on both your PC and smartphone to sync them up. 


Anydesk is a fast remote desktop application. In fact, it’s quite fast when it comes to access files, software, documents, and all remotely from any part of the world. By using this app, you can access Linux, Mac, and Windows devices from your Android and iOS smartphone, tablets, and various other means. It makes use of the 4096-bit RSA Key Exchange and Erlang technology to secure your information and data. You will get a unique Anydesk ID using which you can connect your devices for wireless screen mirroring.

These were the best five screen mirroring applications for your office. 

Final Verdict:

Taking everything into consideration, I can vouch for screen mirroring as one of the best technologies to embrace in every company. However, the use of it shouldn’t remain restricted to only screen sharing aspects. But, also get considered in improving the overall work culture vis-a-vis productivity, collaboration, and growth characteristics of the businesses. Moreover, the following applications can help you implement this phenomenal process seamlessly in your office. 

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