Weekly Horoscope for Virgo – 9th Feb 2020 to 15th Feb 2020


Love and Relationships

The beginning of the week is going to be magnificent in terms of romance. You will be able to express your true feelings to your loved one in a very uniquely artistic way! Your loved one will be truly impressed by the sweet gesture. The mid week is going to be especially romantic. Your partner will be so impressed with you that you may even receive a beautiful gift! If you are considering proposing someone during this week, we recommend that you do it immediately and without the slightest of hesitation. Success is guaranteed! The week brings abandoned happiness and joy.

Education and Knowledge 

This week will offer moderate success to students. Students must not feel lethargic and get relaxed to a point of laziness. They must not keep daydreaming about holidays and neglect their day to day work. There will be a substantial amount of decrease in their focus and concentration. We recommend that students make a systematic daily timetable for studying and stick to it. Meditation will also help. There is a possibility that students will keep learning something new every day. They will be successful in forthcoming examinations as well. Do not try running after shortcuts, the only thing that will make you successful is hard work!


There may be some minor health related issues during this week. You may suffer from mild headache or migraine. Allergies of the skin are also a possibility. Visit the dermatologist if required. It is advisable for you to drink as much water as you can to stay hydrated. Do not drink any unfiltered water, especially during travelling. You could suffer from water borne diseases, particularly during the weekend. As far as possible, always drink clean distilled water. Regular morning and evening walks will help you stay fit. If you take good adequate care of yourself, you will pretty much stay in the safe zone.

Money and Finances

The week is moderately successful for matters relating to finance. You will incur a substantial amount of expenses during this week. The expenses will be so high that they will surpass your income. You may require spending money on outings for your kids and wife. It is advisable for you to be cautious. Try to control unnecessary expenses as much as possible and do not be a spendthrift. The chances of increasing your income during this week are negligible. However urgent and severe your financial needs may be, we recommend that you do not lend money from any friends or relatives during this week.

Career and Business

This week is going to be magnificent for salaried employees but unfortunately the same may not be true for businessmen. The week will prove to be better for businessmen towards the weekend. Hard work and dedication may be required to see a positive career growth. Eventually, with all the hard work invested, you will get where you had always intended to be. Sculpture or art pieces related to business will prove to be an amazing investment. Professional stability will increase with time. Employees may get adequate support from their seniors and coworkers. More workload means more progress. Roll up your sleeves and get ready for more growth.

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