Weekly Horoscope for Virgo – 23rd Feb 2020 to 29th Feb 2020

Love and Relationships

This week is going to be fantastic as far as love and relationships are concerned. Refrain from discussing your personal life and issues when you are in the company of your partner. This may cause conflicts and old problems will resurface. Let the discussions be light hearted. You should talk about something in general during this period. This week is going to be difficult for those engaged in extra marital affairs. Do not enter into ego clashes with your siblings or friends, as this message result in a severed relationship. Do not get into futile arguments with your father just to prove a point.

Education and Knowledge

Students who have been planning to go abroad for higher studies will certainly succeed. Formalities and processes related to your admission will complete efficiently and quickly. Keep your temper tantrums under control. Fighting with other co-students will only lead to a bad name and a black eye! If students prepare diligently for government examinations and jobs such as the internal revenue services, armed forces, nationalized banks et cetera, success is guaranteed! If medicine or engineering is the choice of students, they will certainly get admissions in these desired courses. This is a brilliant week for all you students out there! Make the most of it!


Your health and fitness will be great and you will feel on top of the world! You will be positively inclined to improve your health even more by going to the gym regularly. Here is a word of caution. Don’t overdo anything. We do not want a painful muscle injury! Your source of energy will not deteriorate and you will also get involved in outdoor games. Your will power and self-esteem will skyrocket during this period. You will enthusiastically take part in bodybuilding, martial arts or other physical competitions and probably even win it! Stick to a healthy diet. We do not want all those extra junk calories ruining your physique!

Money and Finances

Your income will not be very satisfactory during the initial two days of the week. You could also incur a lot of expenses during these days. Slowly, as the week progresses, your income will increase and your expenses will reduce. Salaried employees will be rewarded with additional perks and bonuses. If your payment has been stuck with somebody since a long time, during the last two days of the week, you will certainly be able to recover the same. This week does not offer any major financial concerns. Maintain perfect accounts and keep a regular check upon your inflow and outflow statements.

Career and Business

Those who have applied for a new job and appeared for interviews during the initial days of the week will be successful. Salaried employees may get the benefit of a promotion. There is also a strong probability of going on a foreign business trip during this week. Your career will be positively on the upward chart. There is a decent chance for businessmen to expand their business, but they should not be overwhelmed by the proposal and take undue risks. People involved in the stock market would be benefited during this time. Those of you desirous to invest money in long term investment plans should absolutely go ahead!

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