Weekly Horoscope for Virgo – 16th Feb 2020 to 22nd Feb 2020

Love and Relationships

Rejoice! Love is in the air this week! This entire week is going to be flooded with romance! Those who have been seeking a partner will find one. If you have been considering proposing to your love interest, we recommend that you do so without any delay. Romance will be truly blissful for those who are already in a relationship. There will be a constant desire in your heart to see and meet your loved one more and more! Friends of the opposite sex will help you in all possible ways. Your family will also readily approve of your love interest and agree for your marriage.

Education and Knowledge

Students will have an un-quenching thirst for knowledge during this week. They will want to be ‘educated’ in the true sense of the word. Their focus and concentration will be to the maximum. You will be duly rewarded with brilliant results in the examination and your enthusiasm and confidence will grow even more. Your creativity and logical skills will also blossom. We recommend, students pursuing higher studies should focus more upon mainstream academics rather than extracurricular activities. Minimize wasting your time with friends. If you do not stop wasting time, your results will be negatively affected. The only priority you should have at the moment is academics.


The first two days of the week will be slightly harsh on you in regards to your health. You will not be able to adhere to your daily exercise routine as well. If you have been having any trouble from diseases of the past, there is a strong probability that you will be cured this week. You will stick to your daily medication routine religiously. You will also be inspired to go to the gymnasium or a health club to keep yourself fit. Besides a minor headache, no critical health issues are seen. All in all, this week will keep you fine, mentally as well as physically!

Money and Finances

This week will be a roller coaster ride as far as matters of finance are concerned. There will be an adequate inflow of finance through various sources. But at the same time your expenses will also be pretty high. There will be no ‘cash crunch’ as such, but you will not be able to save any money either. You will incur a lot of expenses for maintaining your luxurious lifestyle. A substantial amount of money will be spent for entertainment as well. Whatever your family likes and desires, you will purchase it. Stock market investments will be very profitable. Please try to control your expenses as much as possible.

Career and Business

Your career growth will show a positive growth graph this week. You may gain less profit then what you had expected but there are certainly no chances of making any loss. Businesses related to education, media, acting, IT and pharmacy would positively outperform all other industries. Business tours are a possibility. We recommend that you break the monotony. Take a different route, adopt a different approach towards business and see the miracle happen! Maintain a healthy routine and embrace positive changes in life. This period is moderate for salaried employees as well. There won’t be much appreciation for you during this time.

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