Weekly Horoscope for Taurus – 9th Feb 2020 to 15th Feb 2020


Love and Relationships

Things are happy and genial on the love front, as the week begins. Stars send positive energies for this sector – for you. Proving to be a big source of happiness and strength, your relationships shall be more loving and romantic now. People who are already married shall enjoy an enhanced chemistry. Ones waiting for proposals shall get one – or some, winks Ganesha. And, those planning to propose shall get happy replies. Overall a great Valentine’s is round the corner! Ones not looking for love shall get this happiness from a friendship or a platonic bond. Enjoy and be grateful.

Education and Knowledge 

Happy times continue in the realm of education and higher learning. This may seem like a golden period, so go ahead and crack that aptitude/ competitive exam. Fortune favors, making it easier for you to concentrate and work harder. Your determination shall be high, so just stay focused on your goals and stride ahead, says Ganesha. Ones trying to go off-shore for further studies shall get a good chance – success looks set to be quite near now! Overall, this is a good time for intellectual activities. Ones studying in the fields of IT and Communications shall gain exceptionally.


Last week’s tough tidings may continue for a bit. Your routine may also get disrupted, making you miss out on your fitness regime. But, as the week progresses, stars send happy news on the health front. You may come across a cure for a chronic issue. Ones conscious about their health and wellness shall gain the most now, notices Ganesha. The last two days of the week shall be excellent for the matters of health – so make the most of the weekend! Don’t let any work stress get to you.

Money and Finances

Opportunities abound – but so do the chances of missing them, or worse, making mistakes. Be careful, this week. A financial crisis is likely, which may even rock the boat in a marital or business partnership. Avoid extra expenses; take a close look at your balance sheets. Till mid-week, things shall be shaky – a loss also cannot be ruled out. Avoid taking a loan, even though this short cut may seem very appealing. Be watchful in legal matters. Don’t sign anything without reading twice. Overseas businesses shall gain, though. Money may also come in from an ancestral property.

Career and Business

There is certainly something going on behind the scenes or, at least behind your back – at work/ business. Or, maybe you are just imaging it all. Well, whatever it is, Ganesha advises you to ignore it – because your seniors shall be supportive, and you shall gain in the long term. Hence, get over these trifles and let go of stresses from negative situations. Anyway, with the passing days, you bucket of tasks shall get so full that you may actually have no time to worry about these issues. Persistence shall be the key! In business, it would be better to go alone, for now, as partnerships may not be too easy, this week.

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