Weekly Horoscope for Taurus – 23rd Feb 2020 to 29th Feb 2020

Love and Relationships

Expect mixed results in this sector of your life, this week. Last two week’s upsurge may diminish a bit, but still there’s a plenty to rejoice. Be grateful for all you have and work to make your existing relationships stronger and better. New relations may be under the cosmic scrutiny. Listen to your head along with your heart. Try not to make any major move for now. Be genuinely genial and understanding in your love relations and friendships. Don’t hold back from bringing home a nice gift or planning a surprise to please your beloved.

Education and Knowledge

With the starry support of the last two weeks losing its sheen a bit, you should gear up for working extra hard now. You may be tired from all the active excitement of the past few days, and this may not let you focus. Being a little anxious about studies is fine, but don’t get stressed or negative. Your urge to learn and grasp is high – just back it up with equal efforts, says Ganesha. Some of you may feel so confused that changing a course or stream may come to your mind. This is not a good time for such major decisions. So, hang in there! Get some rest and seek some trustworthy guidance.


The overall health picture looks set to be good, this week too. However, you will need to steer clear of over-indulgence in food or drink, in order to avoid troubles like indigestion, insomnia etc. Gluttony may also spoil your diet and fitness endeavours, warns Ganesha. So, be careful during those late night parties and binges. Drink enough water, stay hydrated and take your supplements on time – this will ensure even better results. Stars keep you active and energetic, allowing you to indulge in sports and heavy physical activity.

Money and Finances

Think twice and consult thrice, before investing your money, this week. Avoid giving or taking loans, for now. You must remain very careful in financial matters for a few days at least. Stock traders must exercise extreme caution, lest there be a loss. Executing any plans you had in mind will be easy – but this must be backed by proper planning and research. Inflow of new finances shall be lower than usual. Long term investments shall be fruitful. Things get better as the week progresses.

Career and Business

Not much change is foreseen on this front for Taurus work-force, this week. Things may be same as they lately have been. With not much new work in your bucket, you may have the tendency to scoot to the water cooler discussions. Well, stay away from office gossip or even the co-workers, who can play trouble-makers. Instead focus on maintaining smooth work relationships, says Ganesha. If you are wondering, why you are not getting the expected results, have patience. Being frustrated won’t help the matters. Prepare very well for an interview or meeting scheduled for the week, or the results may not be positive. Stay alert and attentive.

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