Weekly Horoscope for Taurus – 16th Feb 2020 to 22nd Feb 2020


Love and Relationships

The last week’s fortune ride continues in your zone of love and relationships. A new relation is likely. This may or may not be a long term thing – so definitely start on a slow note. It would be best to not reveal much about your personal life – or probe the other person too much – at the beginning of the relationship itself. Ones in love since a long time shall get a chance to confess their feelings. Do so with tact. For married ones, it would be all about steering the boat in the right direction. Stay away from temptations. Ones involved in clandestine affairs shall find this time very tough. At home, be tactful and patient with your father or a senior male figure.

Education and Knowledge

Excitement is in the air. An exam, an awaited result, an event – something related to the educational sphere shall keep you happily occupied. Overall, the stars stay positive and that reflects in your study related jaunts and efforts. There may also be an excursion, trip or interesting activity that’s keeping you so buoyant. Go ahead, but don’t lose your focus, cautions Ganesha. Knowledge gain is foreseen. Your creativity and logical skills shall surge too. It’s a great time for ones involved in studies of sciences and related areas. Ones appearing for a government job exam/ test shall get positive news.


You look set to be in the pink of your health, this week. Even if lately you had been under the weather, you shall feel way better and raring to go. Physical fitness shall be important to you. You are all buoyed up and active now. Needless to say this shall be an excellent time for sportspersons and ones planning to up their fitness game. If beginning an exercise routine has been on your mind, go ahead, as the friendly cosmos shall back you fully. However, chances of an injury cannot be ruled out – so be careful. Taking part in physical competitions or exams shall be fruitful as your strength and stamina will be high.

Money and Finances

Earnings look set to match the expenses, this week. So, you won’t feel the pinch of the rising expenditure – but do try to control it, wherever you can. Happy thing is that you will spend behind entertainment, luxuries, going out with friends, travels and excursions. But, that must not give you a license to go overboard. You may also buy something special to make your family or a loved one happy. This may be a good time for ones who invest big in the share markets. However, don’t lose your long term focus.

Career and Business

Stability and a good routine are not easy to achieve in today’s day and age. They keep us rooted and contended. Feel happy with this aspect of your work, this week, says Ganesha. Profits may not be as much as you had expected – but the money will not be lost. Businesses related to education, media, acting, IT, pharmacy and related fields shall get the starry support. Any travel planned for work or trade purposes shall bear mixed results – with more positives. It’s a good time for government employees. If you have been planning to change your work routine for the better – this is a good time.

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