Weekly Horoscope for Scorpio – 23rd Feb 2020 to 29th Feb 2020

Love and Relationships

There will be numerous highs and lows with respect to your love life and your relationship equations during this week. Do not allow misunderstandings and differences of opinions arise with your partner due to the involvement of a third person. Do not allow bitterness to creep in your relationship. Remember, no one and nothing else is more important than your beloved. Given a little time with polite clarifications will definitely clear all misunderstandings. You are likely to make an important decision for your love life during this week. Whatever you decide, bear in mind that the happiness of your beloved should be your top most priority!

Education and Knowledge

All the hard work and toil that was invested by the students in the past will be rewarded during this week! Students will feel mentally relaxed and will want to expand the horizons of their knowledge by exploring the subjects that they love. There is a distinct possibility of students preparing for competitive Government exams. They will want to join knowledge enhancing courses for the same. The result of such an examination will truly be outstanding! Fun and refreshing trips with members of the family or friends is a possibility. Overall, the period is full of success and happiness for students.


You will be required to take additional care of your health and fitness during this week. Pain in the back and joints will cause a lot of discomfort. If you notice rashes or itching on your skin, it will be best to visit a dermatologist. If you have been prescribed with medications, it is very crucial that you do not skip taking them. During this week, under no circumstances should you be eating extra spicy or oily food. Eat food that is easy to digest and is nutritious as well. Stay hydrated by consuming a lot of fruit juices and water. Light exercises will certainly help.

Money and Finances

Be very cautious with matters regarding your finance during this time. Not doing so will have adverse repercussions in the future. It is precisely during such times that one is required to keep a tight leash over unwanted expenses. Expression of love is a beautiful gesture indeed. Love in itself is an invaluable gift. Mind your finances and do not go overboard purchasing extremely costly gifts for your beloved. This is certainly not the time to take any risks with the stability of your finance. Emotionally taken financial decisions will prove to be extremely risky. Do not involve yourself in financial matters when you feel mentally disturbed.

Career and Business

The week offers mixed results two people in terms of their career growth. Avoid entering into severely heated arguments with colleagues at work. This will most certainly have dire consequences. Moreover, you will keep having a lingering feeling that your hard work never gets rewarded. This will result in frustration. Sometimes, God works in mysterious ways! Remember this and never utter the word ‘quit’. Businessmen will be required to concentrate more on quality rather than quantity. Quantity will offer only temporary profits, whereas quality will ensure a stable lifelong business. Clients want to see you equipped with modern technology. Spend money for this. It will be worth it!

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