Weekly Horoscope for Scorpio – 16th Feb 2020 to 22nd Feb 2020

Love and Relationships

Be mentally and financially prepared to meet unforeseen expenses during this week. Married people will tend to get distracted towards someone else. A lot of money and energy will be spent in entertaining this ‘out of the circle’ person. A severe illness may also deplete your finances considerably. Trying to prove your love for your beloved is a beautiful gesture. We recommend that you do not overdo it. Simplicity is the best fashion and honesty is the best attitude! College students can feel free to discuss their personal issues with parents. Relationship with your father or brother could worsen if you enter into futile arguments.

Education and Knowledge

This week is going to be a challenging one for students from all walks. Students will need to remember that this is only a temporary phase. During these seven days, students will need to forcibly try and concentrate upon their academics. We highly recommend that students practice meditation in times of stress. The progress and results of the students may be affected adversely due to their lack in focus and concentration. At times, your luck will support you and get you through certain situations. Major upcoming examinations will require a thorough preparation. The time is slightly difficult for students pursuing higher studies related to research and sciences.


You will need to be particularly careful about matters related to your health during this week. You may feel mentally perturbed because of excessive stress and anxiety. Diseases that had troubled you in the past could resurface. Cardiac patients must take their medications regularly so as to avoid future complications. No major problems seen for the younger ones except stress and anxiety. We recommend them to practice meditation as meditation is a great stress buster. The most important tip for this week is to stay hydrated. Drink fresh fruit juices and lots of water. This will eliminate all possibilities of a sunstroke.

Money and Finances

This week offers you a mixed bag of results with matters pertaining to finance. Profits businessmen earn out of their business will be average. You will be able to recover payments that have been stuck since a very long time, which will prove to be like a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day! There is a distinct possibility of getting some unexpected monetary gains during this time. You will receive financial aid from your friends and family when you need it the most. Investments in the stock market will prove to be moderately profitable. There is not much scope for saving money during this period.

Career and Business

This week is going to be a roller coaster ride for matters pertaining to your career. You will be facing several highs and lows! Profit margins in your business will remain average. You will successfully be able to recover old debts that had been stuck since a long time. This will offer you financial freedom to a certain degree. The week will bear positive results for people associated with teaching, media, movies or performing arts. Freelance agents and companies dealing with the banking sector, broking, insurance and mutual funds will also do fairly well. Salaried employees should complete assigned tasks on time to avoid confrontation with their superiors.

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