Weekly Horoscope for Sagittarius – 9th Feb 2020 to 15th Feb 2020

Love and Relationships

Married couples are to remember one very important thing during this week. The equation between you and your spouse is a very personal one. Every moment of love and every little fight that you have is your own private affair. There should be no room for a third person here. Do not allow anyone to judge your relationship or intervene. You will try every little method in the book to please your partner! Pay proper attention to your partner’s needs. Singles in a newly formed relationship may feel uncomfortable during the initial stages. Those in a relationship since long should remember, your most prized possession is your partner.

Education and Knowledge 

Students will be faced with a dilemma as to which subjects to choose for higher studies. Rather than doing what everyone else is doing, we suggest that you take opinions from your teachers as well as your family prior selection of subjects. You could consider joining some extracurricular activities along with some specialised training courses that you are interested in. Students who are desirous of migrating overseas for further studies will be successful during this period. You will be able to perform brilliantly well in upcoming competitive exams if you are sincere enough. Hard work and diligent efforts never go unrewarded!


Although, no major problems are foreseen during this week, we advise you to take utmost care of your mental and physical well-being. Prevention will always be better than cure! Whenever you get anxiety pangs or feel nervous, just close your eyes and start reciting mantras of your choice. They will work on a subconscious level and will soothe your nerves with immediate effect. If you notice rashes or itching on your skin, it will be best to visit a dermatologist. Stay hydrated by consuming a lot of fruit juices and water. Light exercises will certainly help. Eat food that is easy to digest and is nutritious as well.

Money and Finances

Be prepared to incur a substantial amount of financial expenditure for your family during this week. The week is very favourable in terms of finance for businessmen as well as salaried employees and professionals. Businessmen will get several good opportunities with a proper advance payment. Such deals will prove to be very profitable! Your financial inflow will increase and so will your financial stability and business stature. Along with creating wealth, it will be an excellent idea to start investing and saving for the future is well! You will be able to realise several blocked or pending payments during the weekend.

Career and Business

Superiors at work will be full of praises for salaried employees, and rightly so! Their determination, hard work and diligence will be noticed by one and all. The career growth of professionals will start climbing the ladder of success gradually. Those businessmen who have been awaiting a government grant or some kind of support from the government, for launching their new project will succeed during this period. You will get a ‘go ahead’ sanction from the government for your desired project. Success and appreciation will increase your work efficiency as well as performance positively during this week! Overall, an excellent week indeed!

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