Weekly Horoscope for Pisces – 9th Feb 2020 to 15th Feb 2020

Love and Relationships

The first three days of the week are going to be fantastic as far as your love and relationship equations are concerned. Your love life will bloom and prosper! There are chances of you and your partner exchanging gifts with each other. The ‘just friends’ relationship will go a notch further and turn into something very beautiful! Married couples will be truly dedicated to each other. They will feel as if they have been made for each other in heaven! Intimacy and love will be at its peak. The remaining four days of the week may not be very favourable for singles to propose to their beloved.

Education and Knowledge 

This week will prove to be average for students in terms of academics. This week may prove to be a starting point of something new for students. Students may feel more inclined towards studying technology and law. Students will be able to retain their focus and concentration throughout this week. Students pursuing graduation, post-graduation and doctorate degrees will perform outstandingly well! Their success is almost a certainty. This week is also very favourable for students who wish to migrate abroad for higher studies. Students will need to be particularly careful about their levels of concentration during the initial four days of the week.


The first four days of the week will prove to be excellent in terms of health and fitness. You will consciously adhere to a nutritious diet and will want to join a gym as well! Good going! Although, there may be some minor issues during the last three days of the week. You may suffer from discomforts related to your joints, thighs, hands, ears, throat, blood or skin. Excessive travelling will leave you feeling fatigued. Do not over stress yourself physically. Plan your daily activities so as not to get tired because of working in a haphazard manner. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow doesn’t exist, live in the present!

Money and Finances

The last three days of the week will be very favourable for you with matters pertaining to finance. If you have been considering availing financial aid from elders of the family, you will be successful during this time. A subsidy or a tax refund from the Government is also a distinct possibility. You will need to be extra careful with regards to your finance during the initial days of the week. There is a definite chance of incurring losses due to negligence. Do not over-trust anybody, as there are chances of getting duped. Do not engage in stocks and shares trading or gambling, otherwise losses will be imminent.

Career and Business

The initial four days of the week would prove to be amazing for businessmen as well as salaried employees. You can certainly consider expansion of business or planning of new projects during this time. There is a distinct probability of travelling overseas for matters related to business. Salaried employees must, under all circumstances, avoid getting into futile arguments with their seniors. Doing so may fetch unwanted negative repercussions in the future. Important meetings may get delayed without any apparent reason. Businessmen will need to invest more efforts into taking care of their staff during this week. A satisfied staff will take you miles ahead of competition!

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