Weekly Horoscope for Pisces – 23rd Feb 2020 to 29th Feb 2020

Love and Relationships

What a wonderful week this is going to be for love and relationships! It will be like a beautiful romantic movie being played in real life, every scene of which is coming true! The bond between you and your partner will be stronger than ever before. Avoid entering into futile arguments with your loved one. Avoid being angry at all costs! Be creative in expressing your love. Make your partner feel special! In case you are planning to tie the marital knot with your partner, go ahead without hesitation! You can talk to your parents about it and they will readily agree.

Education and Knowledge

This week is going to prove very beneficial for students. Perseverance and hard work will finally pay off! Finally, their dream of having a mastery over a foreign language will come true! Students will be brimming with self-confidence and positive enthusiasm. Students will be able to avail admission in their desired school, college or university. Those who wish to pursue higher education abroad will also succeed during this week. Students will be able to prepare extremely well for their upcoming board examinations. Their hard work, positivity and diligence will certainly lead them towards success. Their memorizing power will also be in top-notch condition during this time.


You will remain very health conscious during this week. You will constantly strive to retain your physical and mental fitness, which will make you feel good about yourself! You need to beware of falling prey to common cold and high blood pressure. Excessive stress at work may also prevail. Exercise precaution and whatever you eat, as disorders of the stomach are also a possibility during this week. Stick to nutritious meals and avoid eating street side junk food. The elderly must get a complete body check-up done at regular intervals. Inculcate a habit of practicing yoga and meditation for relaxation, on a daily basis during this time.

Money and Finances

This week is going to be brilliant for matters relating to finance and money. You will be successfully able to realise any pending dues from the stock market. This, as a matter of fact, is a very favourable week for realising any payments that have been stuck since long, including but not limited to the Government. If you have lent money to someone in the family, do not feel shy asking for payment. People often misunderstand a good heart for a cowardly one. You can easily avail a housing loan if you intend. Pending legal suits will also come to an amicable end.

Career and Business

Your career and business will prosper during this week primarily because of one and one reason only. Your focus! You will stay extremely focused and dedicated to whatever you do. You will successfully be able to find a better paying and a more lucrative job this week. Salaried employees have it all! Transfer to a place of their choice, pleased seniors and a better paying job! Colleagues at work will be full of praises for you. There is a high probability of businessmen bagging a profitable new project or contract. You will need to travel a lot for expansion of your business, especially overseas.

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