Weekly Horoscope for Pisces – 16th Feb 2020 to 22nd Feb 2020

Love and Relationships

This week maybe slightly harsh for you with regards to your love and relationships. Your love life will be flooded with several ups and downs. This is not a good week for singles in love to propose to their loved one. There is a very high probability of their proposal being turned down. Love, in reality, is a very simple thing in itself. People tend to complicate it with their expectations! Just dedicate some quality time to your partner. All your partner needs is a little love and care. If you feel your partner is not perfect, neither are you! No one is! Learn to forget and forgive.

Education and Knowledge

This week will neither be too good nor too bad for students. They will constantly feel that their hard work is not being rewarded enough. Admission to your desired school, college or university could be delayed because of some minor issues. Students will constantly feel as if their life is going in no particular direction! Increase your self-confidence and have an unshakeable faith in God Almighty. This is sure to bring positive results! It will be imperative to work hard. Students should understand for a fact that short cuts will not work. Daily revision of subjects that need practice will be a must.


This is an excellent week as far as your health and physical fitness are concerned. Your vitality, confidence and enthusiasm will be at its peak during this time. You will love to engage yourself in outdoor physical sports and may even participate in a tournament. You will be positively brimming with energy. Any health concerns from the past will be sorted out during this week. You will gradually start to recover from it. Mental fitness is as important as physical fitness. We recommend that you meditate and practice yoga as well. This will have a very positive impact upon your overall productivity.

Money and Finances

This is going to be a very bright week for matters concerning finance and money. Sources of income will substantially increase, thereby decreasing your financial worries. Investments made in the stock market or real estate will prove to be very beneficial during this week. Your financial stability will be rock solid, especially during the end of the week. It will be better to focus upon long term financial planning. Your vision and goals will be very clear. Safety of your finances will be your utmost priority. Your meticulous planning and patience will certainly give you amazing results in the future.

Career and Business

This week is mediocre for matters related to your career and overall business growth. Salaried employees will need to be extra cautious at office. If employees are not focused at work, the repercussions will be very negative. They may end up as a laughing stock and in worst case scenarios, they may even end up losing their jobs! Businessmen will be presented with several lucrative opportunities. They will need to analyse all pros and cons prior implementing anything new. Do not invest in launching something new before proper contemplation. Adherence to commitments will be crucially important during this time for businessmen.

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