Weekly Horoscope for Leo – 9th Feb 2020 to 15th Feb 2020

Love and Relationships

This is an excellent week for married couples. They will be able to feel the harmony and closeness between each other like never before! Your partner will be brimming with positivity and enthusiasm. Surprises will always work like a charm! Be it a gift or an outing. Pre-planning will spoil everything. Just go with the flow! Do not enter into futile arguments with your partner. It is better to ignore minor issues rather than giving them a major outlook. Engaged couples will be able to fix the date of their marriage during this week. Going on long drives with your loved one will reinstate romance back in your life.

Education and Knowledge 

Students should try and expand the horizons of their knowledge. Group studies and group discussions will prove to be beneficial for you. Reading is a habit we would strongly recommend you to inculcate. Students should remain completely focused upon their academics. If you feel you are good at a particular subject, do not neglect studying it. This could have an effect upon your result adversely. Hardworking students who are to appear for various competitive examinations will surely succeed. The time is particularly favourable for students pursuing engineering. Students planning to migrate abroad for higher studies will also succeed. Stay focused. Always keep academics as your priority!


Living a healthy life will be your motto of this week! You will need to completely curb your cravings for junk food. Eating unhealthy food will surely cause some stomach disorders. Taking regular walks and hitting the gymnasium everyday is a fantastic idea! Try new techniques of meditation and yoga to relieve your from mental stress. Participate in outdoor activities as much as you can. Take some time off by passionately following your hobbies. This is precisely why people say, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!’. Avoid excessive touring. Long trips during this week will negatively affect your health.

Money and Finances

Stock market investments will yield profitable returns. Management of your financial resources will be your top priority this week. Refrain from lending money to friends or relatives. This will only cause bad debts. We strongly suggest that you consult a financial advisor prior considering any form of investment. Although, you may feel that you are qualified to take your own decisions pertaining to Investments, it is always better to seek professional advice. Bad debts or delayed payments will put you in a negative frame of mind. You may even face a financial crunch because of this. This is only temporary. Be patient and this phase will pass away!

Career and Business

Be prepared to face challenges head on. Do not shirk away from responsibilities. Turning a blind eye towards your responsibilities always depicts the end of progress. This is not the time to start something new, be it a job or a business venture. Reduce staying in the company of people who are constantly in the negative frame of mind. Be careful while dealing with superiors at work. Stick to a polite and gentle language and refrain from getting into ego clashes. Do not be afraid of the mounting workload. Take it as a challenge and accomplish tasks on time! Better opportunities are just around the corner!

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